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Soccer Predictions of the Day 2021

Known around the world as the ‘beautiful game’, Soccer has more admirers than Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram. No other game can instill such passion or demand such loyalty as Soccer. This isn’t only true in Europe and the rest of the world of course. Here in the USA, the game of Soccer is gaining more and more fans by the minute. Drawn to its fast pace, tremendous skill, and athleticism, sports fans all across the USA are flocking to Major League Soccer games. Of course one of the best things about Soccer is the number of betting markets available. This is precisely why Captain Gambling brings you the best Soccer Predictions of the day 2021 using the finest Soccer Tipsters in the USA.

Up-to-Date Major League Soccer Predictions of the Day 2021

Major League Soccer is fast gaining a foothold in the USA, and Captain Gambling is right there with all the latest Major League Soccer Predictions of Today. With average attendances now in excess of 20,000 spectators per game, and more than 2 million fans throughout the USA, MLS has established itself as one of the top 3 Sports in America. These numbers speak for themselves…

  • 11.41 million active participants in the US
  • 459,077 active male participants in high school
  • 394,105 active female participants in high school
  • Highest ranked women’s football team in the world
  • Average MLS game attendance 21,870 
  • Atlanta United has the highest average attendance in MLS, 52,510

This is a sport that can only gain in popularity, so Captain Gambling is also quickly establishing itself as one of the top Soccer Tipsters offering top Soccer Predictions of the Day to millions of MLS fans. 

Major League soccer may never compete with the NFL but don’t let that fool you, there is plenty of excitement in MLS. The addition of Inter Miami to the roster of MLS teams, headed by international English soccer icon David Beckham, means that interest in the ‘beautiful game’ is set to go through the roof. 

Soccer Tipsters for Today & Tomorrow

The Captain is quite a fan of Soccer himself (he used to play for Arsenal in his younger days!) so he understands how important soccer betting predictions are for fans of soccer in the USA. This is why he demands that the top soccer tipsters in the USA supply the latest soccer predictions of today, and the best soccer predictions for tomorrow.

Always up to date, Captain Gambling is the best soccer predictions site, with experienced soccer tipsters working hard behind the scenes to bring you the most accurate soccer predictions for this week and every week.

In order to stay up to date with the biggest soccer predictions of today, we strongly suggest that you check in regularly with the Captain and follow all his soccer betting predictions. You won’t regret it!

Soccer Betting Predictions are Legal in the USA

The great news is that you can indulge your passion for soccer betting in the US if you live in any of the states where soccer betting predictions are legal; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire or West Virginia

Greater legality for soccer betting leads to a Greater need for Soccer Tipsters and Soccer Betting Predictions; this is why you should make captain gambling your first stop for all your Soccer Predictions for this week.

Best Soccer Predictions Site in the USA

Captain Gambling is the top soccer predictions site in the USA. Providing you with hundreds of great soccer betting predictions covering tens of thousands of betting markets. Our soccer betting predictions range from the number of bookings or yellow cards in a game to the match score. captain gambling has put together the best soccer tipsters with the best soccer predictions of the day in the US.

Our knowledge and experience in the US Sports Betting predictions market and our massive pool of soccer tipsters mean that we are able to supply the best soccer predictions of today, soccer predictions for tomorrow and soccer predictions for this week, exclusively for you. Whether you are experienced at Soccer betting predictions in the US or you are just a passionate beginner Captain Gambling demystifies US soccer betting. 

There can be little doubt that soccer betting predictions in the US will increase interest in the sport, ultimately leading to bigger crowds and greater revenue. Being able to bet on your favourite MLS soccer team adds a whole new level of passion to the great game of soccer.

With this in mind let’s take a look at the different types of soccer betting predictions available to you here in the US.

Moneyline Soccer Betting

Anyone who is familiar with Sports Betting Predictions in the USA  will understand what I mean by Moneyline soccer betting.  Moneyline Sports betting is far away the most popular way to bet on sports in the US. Most people betting money line will be their first instruction to any kind of sports bet as it is the simplest to understand.

Moneyline is the 3-digit betting model designed to represent the odds for one market over another in US Sports betting. The basics of the Moneyline is to signify to the bettor his/her chances of winning $100. Odds are split into plus values and minus values. Any team priced at a minus value would be the favourite for that particular market. Plus values signifies the underdog. 


Placing a bet on the Seattle Sounders at -250 in a match versus the San Jose Earthquakes would require you to stake $250 in order to win $100 (plus your initial stake back). 

Conversely, betting on the San Jose Earthquakes to win the game at Moneyline odds of +250 would signify that a $100 stake would return you $250 in winnings. 

To experienced Soccer Tipsters this is a very familiar betting pattern, however, soccer betting in the USA differs from other sports in that there is a third option, the draw. An option to bet on the draw is offered to US sports bettors because a draw in soccer is a common occurrence.  This option avoids the necessity to continually refund wagers following a drawn game. Betting on a draw in US soccer offers Moneyline soccer tipsters another way to win.

Point Spread Betting

Spread betting is a common and popular way to bet on US sports. However, it is not quite so popular for soccer tipsters in the USA. The reason for this is that unlike sports such as basketball and American football, US soccer games tend to be low scoring. This makes soccer betting predictions on US soccer using a point spread less appealing to the experienced soccer tipster, due to the returns for this type of sports betting predictions being much less.

Point spread betting only really makes sense when one team is a very heavy favourite to win the game. An example of this would be a European soccer game between England and San Marino, where scores of 5 or 6 nil are not uncommon.

Double Chance Betting

The double chance betting option allows for two out of three possible options to win as indicated by the betting example below…

  1. Team A win/draw: You win if Team A wins the match or there is a draw
  2. Team B win/draw: You win if Team B wins the match or there is a draw
  3. Team A and B: Your wager wins so long as the game does not end in a draw

You will notice that the chances of securing a win by using this type of soccer betting predictions are greater, however, the odds that you will get for these soccer betting predictions are lower.

Number of Goals (Totals Betting)

Totals betting is a simple and fun way to bet on soccer for experienced soccer tipsters and novices alike. Totals betting gives you a number for the projected amount of goals scored during a game. You win in by predicting whether the actual goals scored will be higher or lower than this number. It is a little bit like Play Your Cards Right. 


In a game between Los Angeles Galaxy versus Vancouver Whitecaps, the number may be set at 2.5. Should you take the over option and LA Galaxy win 3-0 then your bet will also win.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets or speciality bets as they are more commonly known in Europe, refers to a particular type of bet that may occur during a game, such as the number of red cards or the number of corners etc.

Other types of prop bet could be the first player to score, to the last player to score, the number of corners during a game or any scenario that may happen during a typical soccer game. 

Soccer Parlays

Parlay betting, or accumulator betting as it is known in Europe, is a form of betting whereby your soccer predictions of the day are based on the results of a series of soccer games. In a 3 game parlay bet you would be betting on the outcome of 3 different soccer games. in order to win the bet, the result of each game must be predicted correctly.

The unique thing about parlay betting is that you are effectively betting any winnings from the first game on the second game and your winnings from the first two games on the third game. Rather than three separate bets, your winnings will accumulate until the last match has been played. 

In-Play Soccer Betting

In-play betting has taken European soccer by storm in recent years and it is proving to be a hugely popular way to bet on US soccer games too. This form of soccer betting does what it says on the tin. US bettors have the ability to place bets whilst a soccer game is in play. This gives tremendous advantages to US soccer bettors as they are able to react to changing situations during the game. 

For example, you may want to watch the first half of a US soccer game before committing yourself to a bet, so that you can see how the two teams are playing. Or you may notice that one team is playing very offensively and so you predict that they will win a lot of corners. 

What this does is make the whole experience of betting on US soccer more thrilling and immediate. On the other hand, it is also easy to get caught up in the excitement and make an ill-advised wager at an inopportune moment. That’s the beauty of in-play betting the final decision is in your hands at any given moment in time. 

Reliable Soccer Betting Tips From the Captain

Captain Gambling has built up a reputation for reliable and accurate soccer betting tips and he is always keen to share them with you. When Captain Gambling wins, everybody wins. The reason that the Captain is so sure of his soccer betting tips and his soccer betting strategy, is because the team here at Captain Gambling put the work in analysing the games, poring over game statistics, and watching hours and hours of US soccer each week. This means that we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to supplying winning soccer betting tips.

Some of the things that Captain Gambling and his team look at when preparing our soccer betting tips are….

Home and Away Fixtures

Never underestimate the power of a home fixture. Here in the US soccer teams often have to travel considerable distances to play an away soccer game. No matter how well they prepare and how hard they train, fatigue and lack of home support will always play a part. Playing in front of your own fans is a massive deal for any US soccer team and can frequently be the difference between winning and losing.

Star Players (MVPs)

Sometimes the only thing that separates two great teams is one exceptional player. Major League Soccer in the US has been blessed over the years with some of the greatest players that world soccer has ever produced. Pele, George Best, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Frank Lampard and David Beckham have all plied their trade here in US soccer. Occasionally a soccer game only needs that one brief spark of genius to make the difference.

Current Form

Form and confidence play a huge role in determining outcomes in US soccer games. Going into a playoff game with a string of good wins behind you, as opposed to suffering a couple of defeats and maybe missing a star player through injury, can often determine the result.


Losing key players through injury at important phases of the season, or even during a game, can swing the fortunes of one US soccer team to another in the time it takes to tackle an opponent. Captain Gambling always has one eye on the injury list when creating US soccer betting tips.

Team News

Has your favourite player been dropped from the weekend fixture? Maybe a new star player has been taken on during the draft, or there is unrest in the dressing room. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes at any US sports team that any little thing could make a difference. 

Here’s How Our Soccer Betting Predictions Work

The team at Captain Gambling make sure that you always have access to the best US soccer tipsters and the latest US soccer betting predictions for this week. We layout all Major League soccer games in a clear and easy to understand way to make it easy for you to place your bets. 

Don’t forget to check for the latest soccer betting predictions for the games that interest you. If you are new to soccer betting, then you have many, many options of world-class bookmakers to choose from here at Captain Gambling. Feel free to check out our betting guides and the latest soccer betting bonus offers, for some truly great deals. Most of all keep your eyes open for the most up to date news stories surrounding soccer betting in the USA. Here you will find all the best soccer betting tips for both men and women’s soccer in the USA.