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American Football Betting Tips 2024

American Football Betting Predictions

We at know that American Football is all the rage. Whether you want to bet big with the NFL, or you’re more of a college football expert, there’s plenty of American football betting tips out there for you to get your fingers into.

Knowing where to start can be the tricky part. There’s so much out there in terms of American football betting tips, you don’t know exactly where the best places are to look. We’ve designed this article to help clear this up for you.

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American Football – All you need to know about this influential sport

American football is a sport that will always be tied to the tradition and legacy of the USA. It evolved from rugby and football in the mid 19th century, and the first game officially recorded as ‘American football’ was played in 1869. By 1920, the NFL (National Football League) had been established, and professional American football play began in the country.

The rules of American football deviated from both classic soccer and rugby rules, and implemented both. The winner is determined by who scores the most points at the end of a game. This can be done by a touchdown, which is worth six points.

The score is followed up by a PAT (Point After Try), where the team will try to score a two or three point conversion by kicking the ball over the bars. A safety is also scored when a ball carrier is tackled into their own end zone. This is worth two points.

American football has a number of leagues, and tournaments across both the US, and the world. The NFL is the premier, top level league in the country. The CFL would be the Canadian equivalent of the NFL. American football is played at a college level too, which is considered the ‘second level’ of both NFL and CFL. Commonly, college players are often scouted by these top level leagues, to become a part of those teams.

A brief guide to American Football betting – Where do I find the best American football betting tips?

Pick a league

While it’s not essential, we’d recommend you’d pick one league, and stick with it while you’re starting out. It can be complicated moving from league to league while you’re still trying to understand American football betting tips.

The NFL would be the best bet, they are the best league out there, and will provide the best American Football betting tips. But, you could also go to the CFL, if you're Canadian, or the NCAA if you’d like to start at a grassroots level with college leagues.

Betting types

There’s a number of different bets you need to know of before you get stuck into American football betting tips. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Moneyline – This is a simple wager. You bet on a winning team against another team.
  • Parlay – This is when you bet on multiple aspects in the one game, or multiple games at once. Used often for accumulator bets.
  • Point spreads – These are extremely popular in American football. This is when you bet on how many points a team will win by.

Choose a good sportsbook

There are plenty of great bookies out there that provide some great American football tips. But, choose one that suits your aims. Do you want some great bonus offers? Do you want to focus on betting on college football? Do you want great odds?

Why trust our betting tips? – Why we know American football tips

At, we don’t waste your time. We know you betting connoisseurs like to get right to it, and eliminate the pointless stuff. We get straight to the point, and we make sure we deliver quality in the process.

There’s a whole number of factors we take into consideration across all our sports, whether it’s basketball predictions or American football tips. We make sure we do all the research we possibly can on the sport before we write anything. Not only that, but all our research goes through countless hours of analysis, and getting broken down technically by our experts.

There’s so much out there on American football at the moment, so we understand your hesitation. But, we promise that we deliver nothing but quality, and well-structured tips. Just scan over some of the tips and analysis we have done on other sports, our baseball betting tips for example. Check out our MLS predictions article. Or, if you want an in-depth, specific article, check out our NFL football tips article.

You’ll see exactly how much effort, and skill goes into every one of those articles to provide the absolute best tips you can possibly find. We always have something to offer new readers. Whether you’re a beginner bettor or a veteran gambler, you’ll take something away from betting tips.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market - All you need to know

Know the individuals

American football is a team sport, but often one player can be the success story – or downfall – of a team. Whether it’s the quarterback, line tackle or offensive tackle, there’s many key players that really affect American football betting tips. We take into account, for example, a strong team with a weak quarterback, and how that will reduce the odds. Or, a weak team that has an excellent offensive tackle, and how that might boost a teams underdog status in American football predictions.

Compare and contrast

Finding where to find your American football betting tips can be tricky. First of all, the site should have a great set of odds. Great American football betting tipsters also know to search for variety – NFL, CFL and NCAA betting, and even more American football leagues. The best American football betting tips come with the best American football sportsbooks, and we know to take the time to search for the best.

Don’t get caught up by value

In the same vein, don’t make value a priority. You may think the potential return on betting on an underdog constantly in a NCAA division 1 game could be amazing, but chances are, they’re underdogs for a reason. They’ll lose, and any massive potential profit will be gone. Remember that American football betting tips and sometimes soccer tipsters for today recommend safe bets and small profits. Because that’s better than nothing at all.

Things you should think about before placing an American Football bet – Some important factors

There’s always going to be outside factors that will influence your American football betting tips. Especially in such a high-risk sport like American football, injuries will happen.

And, trends such as winning streaks and losing streaks are commonplace across all the major American football leagues. Be aware of these factors, before you follow any quick American football bet tips.

Division matchups

This is especially the case in American football. Oftentimes, when two teams play each other often, a rivalry will build. And, even the teams that are on the losing end will dig deep to try to pull out a win over their rivals.

These are where you’ll see some great American football betting tips, as the odds are bound to be high for competitive rivals facing off.

Different bets types

Be careful about what bet types you use, especially when it comes to high stake games like NFL. We’d only recommend you use parlay bets for 2-3 events for the NFL, because so much can change over the course of one season.

And, the thing about American betting football tips is that usually, a simple money line bet has the best value. You’ll definitely see that in college play, where the intensity is at an all-time high, and the players are young and hungry.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for American Football - Keep these in mind!

We always focus on telling you about one particular sportsbook that you should sign up with in our sportsbook reviews and one tip in our sports betting tips. But, when it comes to American football betting tips, there’s so much out there it can be hard to choose just one. So, here are some guidelines to follow:

Great odds

The most important factor, of course, is how much you can make off a bet. A great sportsbook understands how much American football betting tips can be valuable, and odds should be high on most games – even for college and lower-level leagues. Always stick to an operator that provides consistent high-level odds – usually, the standard would be over 1.3 decimal, and for spread bets, around 1.0.


As we mentioned before, this is critical for the best American football betting tips. Sure, you can find a great sportsbook that has great NFL odds. But, there’s so much more to American football than NFL. Find a sportsbook that offers great American football betting tips across NFL, CFL, NCAA, AFL – find a sportsbook that specializes in American football betting tips, and stick with them.


There’s nothing better than watching a smooth live stream of a great game. Or, just great navigation on a simple, intuitive website. Having great odds is brilliant, but it doesn’t mean much if the website is frustrating to use. Your chosen sportsbook should make using American football betting tips easy.


Making deposits and withdrawals shouldn’t be a hassle that keeps you up all night worrying. Find a sportsbook that simplifies giving and taking your money, so that you don’t have to worry about getting your winnings from following great American football betting tips.

Quality customer service

If you have an issue in the middle of an important game, you should be able to rely on it getting fixed. Find a sportsbook that provides a variety of service platforms (live chat, phone line and email), and are known for solving problems efficiently.

Useful American football betting tips vocabulary – The verbiage of champions

American odds - Also known as the ‘moneyline’. Odds that are shown in the value of money (usually dollars). $100 is the standard. So a minus (-) odds means the amount of money that must be wagered to win $100. A plus (+) odds is the amount of money earned on a $100 wager.

Buck  - A $100 bet.

Chalk – The odds on favorite to win a sporting event e.g North Dakota State to win the NCAA Division 1 Championship

Closing Line – The final odds on a sporting game before wagers start being calculated

Dog – An abbreviation for the underdog, to win a particular game

Future – Wagering on a long term bet e.g betting that Green Bay Packers will win the Superbowl

Line – The betting line used to determine the margin between the favorite and the underdog

Lock – A bet that is certain to happen, a ‘sure thing’ e.g North Dakota are a lock to win the NCAA Championship this year

Opening Line – The initial odds on a sporting event, always liable to change as the game progresses

Over-Under – The betting line on the total number of points scored on a certain game.

Conclusion – Plenty of knowledge to build off of

To wrap up, we’ve provided plenty of food for thought in regards to American football betting tips. It may seem daunting at first, but once you have a foundation knowledge of the sport, and how betting on it works, you’re already off to a great start.

You know how seriously we take finding the best American football betting tips, and the tips we provide will certainly give you a leg up in the long run. Just learn the vocabulary, and follow our advice, things will go well. You’ll be immersed in the world of American football betting in no time!

American football betting tips FAQ

⚽ How do American football odds work?

Looking for American football betting tips for this weekend? Understanding American football odds means having a better understanding of betting itself. There’s a number of different odds that are used across sportsbooks. They heavily depend on the region you are in and the sport you plan on betting on. The most common and popular betting odds types are decimal, fractional and American odds. For more information on odds, check out sportsbook articles on our website to build up your knowledge.

❓ Can you lose money on a winning bet?

This is a tough one. It really depends on the circumstances, what you’re betting on and the odds on offer. American football predictions for an NFL game, for example, will be different to those for betting on a college football game. The odds will just be different, and the circumstances in which the odds will change will invariably be different. You just have to remember that every bet is different. For more information on this, check out some of our articles and about betting odds.

🏈 Is it better to bet spread or Moneyline on American football?

Need advice on the best football bets? This depends on many different factors. How experienced are you betting? What game do you plan on betting on? Oftentimes, your experience can really affect the bets you make. You should always know to start off slow when you’re an inexperienced bettor and build up some experience with simpler bets so you can get a better understanding of the game. The only way to get better is to learn, after all. For more information, check out some of our betting for beginners articles.

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