I Believe That We Will Win: A Functional But Terrible Soccer Chant

By Carden Hedelt / @cheedelt

Both palms burned from slapping the table. Clint Dempsey's goal, merely 30 seconds into the United States' first World Cup game against Ghana took me by complete surprise. The whole bar erupted. Some jackass jumped up on a table and started singing something but I was too busy doling out high-fives to people I didn't know. Some thick-necked dude tried to high-five my palm to Brazil and back and it burned worse but I felt no pain. This is what it's supposed to be like, joy flowing from everyone at once. This is World Cup glory I'd been waiting years to feel.

Then it started. That chant.


I sat and coddled my beer, checking my phone. This was happening.


Face further into my phone. My beer was getting low. High time to find that waitress.


A handful of people in the bar knew the first part and the rest joined in when they realized all they had to do was scream "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" until they got bored with it and it trailed off.

I hate that chant.

It's not a good chant. First, it's not an original chant for the US men's soccer team. Check out Utah State doing that very same chant.

Not only is it not original, but it's supremely basic. It's six words molded into one clunky, rudimentary sentence.

Is this is the best we can do?

That said, I get it. It's somewhat savvy considering that most folks haven't paid much attention to the USMNT haven't really prior to the World Cup. It teaches itself to you. Whoever pitched the idea to have this chant knew the target audience.

It might be because I'm a word nerd and this sentence-chant sounds like something high school kids could put together last-minute (side-eyes Utah State). Or that I'd like to believe we're a little more creative. Put it to a song that we all know. Make it longer than six words.

Those six words did sound pretty sweet when they came back around in the 90th minute, with the United States leading and three points nearly in the bag.

I didn't participate. But I believed. And against Portugal, I will believe again.

9 Replies to “I Believe That We Will Win: A Functional But Terrible Soccer Chant”

  1. Nothing like walking around Rio with every other nation's fans singing their long, convoluted and sick sounding chants, and all you can muster is "U-S-A! U-S-A!" or "I believe that we will win!"

  2. Well, you're wrong. The build up, I'll concede, is clunky on the first few hearing but it's actually a great contrast to the wonderful frenzied ibelievethatwewillwin chant. This is why we can't have nice things.

  3. As a fan of football growing up in the football culture in a Central American country. Seeing articles like this burns my eyes. There is always some pseudo-intellectual trying to analyse things to sound smart while tearing down other people in their joy. ... shame on you for being embarrassed by your countrymen's enthusiasm. YOU COME UP WITH A CREATIVE GRAMMATICALLY ACCURATE INTELLIGENT CHANT...THAT Expresses ENTHUSIASM SUPPORT WITH A TINGE OF UNDERDOG HOPE IN ELOQUENT QUEENS ENGLISH...You are probably a self important hipster... hipsters are such cunts...the WORLD OVER.

    1. How embarrassing for you to be using such terms such as "cunt" while trying to express your intelligence. I totally agree with this article. The chant is pretty lame. Although I do appreciate the amount of enthusiasm it produces. The chant is too simple in my opinion. It doesn't produce feelings of excitement for me. It doesn't get me pumped. It doesn't make me feel proud to be an american. Its embarrassing mostly. Quite honestly, how can you say "you come up with" when we didn't come up with anything. We stole it from college basketball... like real patriotic here!

      Also, "I believe that we will win" gives off the assumption that we don't usually win. Why can't we be confident and just say "We will win"

  4. I'm not a fan of it either. Cheer for the team. Encourage them to play well. Who gives a rat's ass what YOU believe about the game.

  5. Totally articulated what I've been feeling for the past few weeks. Why has the US married frat culture with soccer culture? Then again, we may be out of our "teenage years," but here comes the awkward 20-27 y.o stage where we bang a lot of chicks and do a lot of drugs we later regret.

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