Sunday School: Le’Veon Bell Hurdles People; Alabama Embarrasses People

By Timothy Threadcraft / @shadcraft21

You just wasted nearly 12 hours of your life on Saturday, sitting in front of your television, consuming inordinate amounts of food and yelling at people you’ve never met in your life. You’ve decided to congregate with a group of your best buddies, or you’ve decided to sit in your house by yourself. You only return phone calls when necessary; yet, you text/facebook/tweet when something crazy happens.

Yep, this has all the symptoms of college football being back in your life. Enjoy Sunday School, just in case you missed anything on your glorious Saturday filled with football glory.

Michigan State 17, Boise State 13: Boise’s marquee magic snuffed out in East Lansing

Both of these teams and their senior QBs got the best of my Dawgs last year, so watching their first game under new field generals was a bit of a treat for a vindictive guy like myself. Both teams struggled to get much going through the air: Boise’s Joe Southwick hovered around a 50% completion rate and threw a crucial pick in the redzone. To be fair, Sparty’s defense held the Broncos to a pathetic 37 rushing yards, eliminating any hope for offensive balance. On the other hand, Andrew Maxwell almost threw the Spartans out of contention with three picks. For the most part, this game was a comedy of errors, aside from Le’Veon Bell’s effort. The kid racked up 210 yards at a 5 yard-per-carry clip on, get this, FOURTY-FOUR CARRIES. He also added two touchdowns and 55 receiving yards. Lattimore might have a little competition for the Doak Walker award.

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