No Justice, No Football

So here you are, enjoying your Monday Night Football on the most ridiculous holiday known to man — and that’s counting the fact that people celebrate an overweight white dude breaking into their homes to leave gifts — and you notice a strange series of tweets. Your favorite sports blogger is posting on-the-field updates of the Rams vs. 49ers game when suddenly you see this:

Wait, what? You’re watching the game live. You don’t see any of that. It looks like your usual football game. You keep scrolling your Twitter feed and you’re reading about #FergusonOctober protesters walking around the stadium with their hands up chanting, “Don’t shoot!” This, my friends, is what “no justice, no peace” means. It’s not just a fun chant. This is it in action. So let’s rewind. What’s going on here?

August 9th, 2014 officer Darren Wilson murdered unarmed teenager Michael Brown. More than one million tweets were sent before mainstream news covered this in primetime. The news begins to cover it, militarized police start tossing tear gas at people. In the words of legendary journalist and talented musician Ron Burgundy, “That escalated quickly”.

More than 60 days later, Darren Wilson still hadn’t been arrested, and we had deja vu (times a billion because this happens more often than any of us care to admit). August 8th, John Crawford was shot to death by police in an Ohio Wal-Mart while carrying a toy gun. On October 8th, 2014, Vonderrit Myers was walking home with his friends when police shot at him 17 times, killing him. Without debating the facts of the case, the end result is the same: Three young black men were killed by the police.

No arrests have been made. People are outraged. People have been protesting for literally 66 days straight. Then came #FergusonOctober. A wave of organization and newfound energy was ushered in. Protesters swelled to the thousands.

Protesters marched through neighborhoods. Protesters marched to the campus of St. Louis University. Protesters occupied City Hall. Protesters literally shut down Wal-Mart in a show of solidarity for justice for John Crawford. By the time protesters began chanting during the 49ers-Rams Monday Night Football game, other Wal-Marts preemptively closed for the evening. Protesters interrupted the St. Louis Symphony on October 5th.

The point is this: No justice. No peace. No justice, no shopping at your local Wal-Mart while ignoring the great injustice of black teens being killed by police at 21 times higher rates than white teens. No justice, no going about your daily job as a legislator in city hall while ignoring the concerns of your constituents.

No justice, no attending college in a bubble, not thinking about the real-life events happening a block from your ivory tower. No justice, no attending the symphony and enjoying a nice night out. No justice, no football. You can’t just live your life ignorant of what’s going on. You can say you don’t care. You can’t say you didn’t know.

It’s interesting, but not surprising, that the disruption wasn’t broadcast on TV. But with the level of organization of this revolution, don’t expect to be able to censor or hide this movement for long. Justice is coming. Know justice, know peace.

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  1. ” Darren Wilson murdered” — apparently you were there that night and know exactly what happened. So much for that whole justice system- arraignment, trial, then verdict. Oh and you did mention that Vonderrit shot at police first- I don’t care how many times the police shot- if you shoot at police first; you deserve to go down. Doesn’t matter if youre black, white, or red. This is the problem with media/news today. Gone are the days of neutral, nonbiased reporting that presents the WHOLE story.

    1. If memory serves me right, Darren Wilson hasn’t even been arrest and arraigned, which is one of the big focus points the protestors are calling out. Peacefully, I might add. So…yeah. There’s no WHOLE story to report.


      1. Peacefully?
        Tell that to the owners of the QT station that was burnt to the ground.

        I guess they deserved it since they were the story that was robbed.

        Tell that to the owners of the different QT store that was the spot for a sit in because protesters were upset that the QT they burnt down had a fence put up around it so the owners could get back to business and the protesters couldnt use it as their gathering spot.

        Maybe you could explain to those “peaceful protesters that a grand jury is part of the process.

        I guess your memory failed you on that part didnt it?

      2. Why should Darren Wilson be arrested an arraigned? The criminals name is Michael Brown, and the police officer did what he should have done in that situation. How sick are you people to believe that Michael Brown was anything but a POS thug criminal? The facts are the facts no matter what spin you put on them. You uneducated individuals are really starting to sound like alqeda followers after 9/11 and I am ashamed to call you PEOPLE my country men and women.


        The issues is not one of black vs white, the true issue lies with the culture and morals of how some Americans are raised. The groups attempting to paint this as black vs white aught to stand on the corners with signs saying how wrong they are and how sorry they are to the entire country for all of this.

        and the protests are anything but peaceful, they have lead to insane amounts of crime including destruction of property, robbery, assault, murder and arson of multiple buildings, businesses and public areas.

    2. Is the author of the article black?? I ask because if I said some holiday of a black dude or a holiday of a black dude that cheated on his wife, blacks would be all up in arms right??? Then you insult all Italian people by saying the holiday is ridiculous, What is wrong with you? Seems you want everyone to by down to black things but you have no problem insulting all Italian people and white people. You are why there are still race issues in this country, for articles and views like this.

      1. A holiday for someone that people of all races have factually acknowledged didn’t actually do what people originally thought that he did is ridiculous.

  2. Terrible article, if you can call it that. More like dribble. I wasted my time trying to read it.

    As for the racial implications, pointing out that black teens are shot at a high rate means nothing without statistics that show crime rates. (If 90% of those types of crimes are being committed by black people, i would expect the same high value. If not, provide the facts)

    Please don’t publish any of this toilet paper anymore.

  3. Murdered after roving a store and assaulting the owner and assaulting a cop. Great reporting !!!! He should be mourned by loved ones but to make him the face of racial problems is a joke more blacks kill each other I’m the gang thug life they choose to live.. stand up for the innocent not the criminals

    1. But….you realize that “black on black crime” is a misnomer as most crime is perpetrated by members of a racial group ON members of that racial group. Right?

  4. Peaceful protests?

    Tell that to the owners of the QT store they burnt down.
    I guess those owners deserved it though, they did get robbed by the criminal that was shot.

    Oh i know you can tell that to the owners of the QT store that was a victim of the sit in.
    They had the nerve to be a business that wanted to sell things.
    Of course the protesters were right.

    What else are they supposed to do when the owners of the store they burnt down put a fence around the perimeter to rebuild?

    “Peacefully” block a business that wasnt involved because the protesters cant use the burnt out store as their main gathering spot.

    Perhaps your memory could correct you on the fact that a grand jury is part of the process.

    Nothing about the gunshot residue on V. Myers?

    How about No justice unless there is no gunshot residue?

    try harder instigator

  5. NEWS FLASH: 60 days later and Darren Wilson still is not arrested. Maybe that is because he was just doing his job when he was attacked. I have yet to hear any protesters mention that the police officer sustained a fractured eye socket in the incident… must have got it when the kid put up his hands. I am so sick of this mob mentality. Find the man guilty or we will rob and burn. And Lauren Chanel Allen YOU are a douche bag. That said, I am feeling much better now.

    1. “Maybe” huh? So because you seem to be uncertain in your assertion, that means that there could be another possibility…right?

  6. What murder are you referring to? I believe the grand jury is still underway. So… perhaps you should choose a different word?

  7. Its a silly game being played. No media coverage, say what? Im tired of the race card, but yes blacks and latinos are persecuted way more often than say another race. Though im still hqving a hard time using the term race, I thought we were all 1 race, human race? What happened to that. The kid should have never been killed, just like many others. Its sad, hopefully things will shape up at the top. We need cbange ASAP.

  8. I love that you said “without arguing the facts of the case” That basically means you can say whatever you want ie. Three blacks were killed, and completely ignore the reasons why they were killed. It apparently doesnt matter what they were doing, or carrying (a gun real or not) throw all the facts out the window. Blacks were killed let’s rob and loot people… mount up. Way to go you moron. “unbiased” reporting at its finest. Yeah and love that you said he was “murdered” look up some definitions before you decide to write an article.

  9. “August 9th, 2014 officer Darren Wilson murdered unarmed teenager Michael Brown.”

    Sorry Lauren, that is libel. Expect to be contacted by Mr. Wilson’s attorney.

  10. Glennparks7If it was a white kid killed by a black cop, all u racist white people would go crazy. All u europeans keep sayin its not about race, then why are’nt there any black cops killing, it’s been all white officers killing. Its all in the plan.

    1. Glenn— cops have killed white kids…Utah! Look it up. He was leaving a gas station when he was killed. And he was unarmed. But do you hear anything about it. Nope.

  11. You are the idiot Ward, u cant compare one to a t housand. Black s have been killled forever by cops, dogs have been sicked on us and everything else. Why do u white people act like u do nothing wrong , u guys r the biggest murderers, theives,liars ever in histor. Yall kidnapped Afrikans and brought them over for slaves, gave the indians smallpox, lied and said u discovered America when it was already occupied and u say blacks r bad, cracker PLEASE!!!!!

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