Michael Vick: The Best Athlete Without A Championship

It wasn’t that long ago that Michael Vick was the NFL's highest-paid player. People often forget that he endorsed many products during his six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. But Vick lost everything following his 2007 arrest on dog fighting charges, for which he served 18 months in federal prison.

Everyone who follows professional football has to wonder what is next for Michael Vick. Two seasons ago Vick arguably had the best season of his professional career, and while it may have seemed like he had done all or more than most are capable of, many like me believe that Vick has room to grow and get better. It also appears that others are taking notice.

You had to know it would just be a matter of time before Mike Vick would be back in effect. Winning makes people forget even if they are not ready to forgive altogether. There will be some people who will never forgive Mike Vick for what he did. However, there will be just as many people who are willing to move on as long as Vick can throw that deep ball and keep putting points on the board.

Now it’s time to put things into perspective. LeBron has been the most chastised athlete in history about not getting it done and not being clutch in the moments he needed to be the most. Now all eyes are on Michael Vick as football season approaches. Vick was the crowned jewel of the NFL draft in 2001, but he has yet to wear the crown as NFL Super Bowl Champion.

At first it seemed like it was just a matter of time. Vick knocked off Brett Favre in Green Bay and has been to a couple of NFC championships in his career.  For some guys though, getting close is about as far as they will get. It’s not that easy to win a championship. Dan Marino played in one Super Bowl but could never get back, and he is arguably the best quarterback to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

Vick has made the transformation from runner to passer, but he reminds us of his early video game antics from time to time. It makes us appreciate his talent. However, as father time starts to catch up with Video Game Vick, he is going to have to preserve those runs for when it is completely necessary so he can stay healthy enough to lead his team.

NFL teams thought they had a blueprint to stop Vick. That was Vick the runner. They used to try to stop Vick by forcing him to pass, and when he did break contain, off he went for a TD. Now, teams are using different methods to defend the new Vick, mostly pressurizing him to scramble right and man-to-man coverage on early downs to push Vick to make quick decisions. Well, that’s a better plan than sitting around waiting for him to make a mistake.

Vick doesn’t need any motivation as he was voted the 70th best player in the league by his peers. That seemed to have ignited a fire under him. We will see if it carries over to the field. That in itself is a joke, but he still has to prove it on the field. The Eagles have surrounded him with enough talent to get it done. If they can keep Vick healthy and they can improve defensively, Mike Vick may get to wear the crown. If not, I am sure the Skip Bayless’s of the world will have a field day criticizing him and labeling him as a loser.

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  1. Vick is still a genetic freak. We have never seen a quarterback with his skill set. Now that Lebron has won a title all eyes will be on Vick. Donovan McNabb never got it done but he never had the talent that Vick has on his sideline. Interestingly enough Vick seems to be locked in and ready to try to win a title and live up to the promise that he delivered as a young talent. Now that he has gotten older, Vick should be playing smarter and less wreckless with his body. We tend to forget that Vick and LT were in the same draft and LT has just retired. Vick will need a lot of help from Shady McCoy if they are going to make a title run, but more that that he will need his defense to play like a championship defense.

  2. Megatron is the best athlete without a Championship. How can a man 6'5" and 236 run a 4.3? Not to mention the leaping ability, great hands, body control, etc. Greatest athlete since Bo Jackson.

    Vick and DeSean can blow you away with 60 yard bombs but can they connect on that critical 3rd and 7 to keep the chains moving when the game is on the line? I agree with you. It's time for Vick and Andy Reid to get it done.

    1. Megatron is a freak but he hasn't been in the league very long. Plus his position requires a potent passer to get him the rock... Granted he is a monster and is freakishly talented, he has only had a healthy passer one year in his career. Now if we are saying this in 3 - 4 years, then I will agree. Vicks window is closing. He better get it soon or it's probably not going to happen.

  3. It's kind of crazy watching the evolution of Mike Vick. Given how he never really learned to read a defense or study game film during his days in Atlanta, then being away from the game during his prime, he's the rare QB who is actually still developing on this side of 30.

    We'll see if he can ever get far enough to be a champion. He certainly has made strides in Philadelphia under Reid, but has he made enough? That's still debatable. I don't even know the answer, and I watch him play every single Sunday.

    I certainly hope he's the next great one to break through. A Super Bowl in Philadelphia would be out of control.

  4. I gotta agree with JAG and its not because I am a Lions Homer... the dude is a freak of nature, this season (minus the saints regular season game) showed that NO ONE could stop him, not a double team or even a triple team (ask the cowgirls). If Stafford got it to him in the right spot he was catching it. One reason why I believe people still have yet to fully respect his gangsta is because they feel he is just a jumball guy who uses his towering size to body tiny DBs. But this year I have a feeling we will see the speedster step up more turning a couple of 10 yard catches into 75 yard TDs.

    1. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but everyone in the world seems to be in agreement that Calvin Johnson is far and away the best wide receiver in football. He seems to be plenty respected in that regard.

      I certainly haven't heard anyone argue against Megatron being the best in the biz.

  5. I hope Vick gets him one soon, if that defense can play decent that offense is very explosive minus the turnovers but being down a lot you have to gamble a lil bit more. I hope with him getting ranked 70th he comes out in makes everybody pay except my 9ers. Good post

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