Get Familiar: 5 NFL Rookies You Do Not Want To Forget

Every year, there are players who you probably haven’t heard of who may make an impact in the NFL. Their impact may not be immediate, but you can almost take it to the bank that they will be a force to be reckoned within the next four-to-five years. These players usually aren’t drafted very highly or, in many cases, drafted at all.

One of the perks of watching preseason football is that you can see kids who may be a little raw. They have the skill set, but they just need a little more polishing before it clicks. Once it clicks, then you look like a genius because you called it and everyone thought you were crazy at the time.

I remember telling everyone that Terrell Davis was going to be a star in the league after watching him during a couple of preseason games. I got laughed at. All he did was lead the Broncos to a title.

I also remember saying the same about Wes Welker when the Dolphins took a chance on him, and everyone was telling me that I had lost my mind. Well, it appears to have worked out well for Wes as well.

Today’s post is about the rookies who seem to jump off the board when I watch them play football this preseason. They may not be starters right away, but when they finally get their chance to shine (which could be on another team), you can be rest assured that they will be among the best in the league.

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  1. Man I am glad you mentioned Dominique Davis. I loved watching him play at ECU. Too bad he didn’t have another year or he would have had a chance to lead the Pirates to a great season. They are loaded this year and he may be the only missing piece. Good post my friend.

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