Upside/Downside: The 2013 NBA Finals


“Upside/ Downside” is not a concept that I created, but I like using when it comes to addressing a multitude of questions and issues that have some correlation to each other but all really exist as their own topics. It gives me a way to try and put together a cohesive column that’s really a lot of random threads sewn together. Below is the 2013 NBA Finals version of Upside/Downside.

1. Pat Riley’s facial expression in the photo above.

Upside: There’s always ridiculous upside when it comes to championship celebrations at the club. In the last few years, I’ve heavily anticipated the post-game club celebration photo set that inevitably makes its way online the next day (this year’s version is here). From Wade’s #3ForWade shirt to LeBron’s incredible cool but “only a select few people in this world is capable of pulling this off” tank top to special guest appearances by Drake (more on this later) and Danny Green (also, more on this later) to the bar tab that was covered by the club owner, this year’s edition did not disappoint. But Pat Riley’s expression in the photo above is my personal highlight, which is an incredible feat when you look at LeBron’s expression.

Downside: That facial expression isn’t even the craziest or creepiest Riley-related news item from that night. Here’s Riley and Rachel Nichols, presented without comment.

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