The Heat Have Officially Been Put On Notice By The Bulls

Sometimes, when success comes quickly for people, there’s a tendency to marginalize failure. There are some who view failure of any kind as almost a one-off kind of thing and the learning experience that can be found in futility often goes overlooked. When you hear the term “spoiled by success,” this is a good example.

But for those who internalize failure, for those who allow setbacks to eat at them and consume them, those are the individuals who often achieve success beyond the wildest of imaginations.

Derrick Rose is part of the latter group.

For as much as he is consumed by wins, the losses, especially like the one to Miami on Sunday, eat away at him like cancer. And as leader of the Chicago Bulls, what eats at Pooh eats at the rest of the team.

What happened on Sunday was, no doubt, Derrick Rose’s fault, and he'd be the first to admit it. He missed two key free throws in the clutch that could’ve given Chicago the lead. It was those misses that overshadowed the offensive brilliance he displayed in single-handedly erasing the Bulls deficit and getting Chicago back in the game.

So for those who viewed the outcome as some sort of justification to say that Miami is a better team than the Bulls, well, they might want to rethink that one.

The Heat may have won the game, but they are not a better team. What transpired on Sunday proved as much.

Chew on this:

At full strength, the Heat barely edged a Bulls team with their second best player sidelined (Luol Deng), virtually no meaningful production from their third option (Carlos Boozer) and a SG (Rip Hamilton) who played through a thigh and groin injury. Also, their backup PG (CJ Watson) was out and Rose played the bulk of the minutes (almost 45) in the game after John Lucas III was benched when LeBron James hurdled him for a ridiculous first quarter dunk.

Derrick Rose also did most of the scoring, as no Bulls player registered more than 11 points. All of this and the Bulls still only lost by four points, 97-93.

That's a huge cause for concern, especially if you're the Miami Heat who've already endured a three-game losing streak this season with losses to two sub .500 teams (Golden State and Milwaukee) and close wins against four other squads with losing records.

Unacceptable when you consider their roster.

Fans in Chicago were obviously disappointed by the loss, but given the circumstances, Sunday's game did nothing but build confidence in the Bulls ability to get past Miami. It also helps when you know that nobody took the loss harder than Derrick Rose.

He knows they should've won that game and the pain from the way the Bulls took the L probably kept him up all night, too. That's bad news for Miami and their legions upon legions of overconfident and cocky Stans...

They better not sleep, either.

7 Replies to “The Heat Have Officially Been Put On Notice By The Bulls”

  1. I agree to some extent here, but I disagree with you about defining who the better team is. Would the Bulls have been better if Deng was on the floor? Most likely yes, but that doesn't mean Miami still wouldn't have won. All you can go by is what took place on the floor, and the fact of the matter is Miami won.

    It's pretty clear that Chicago and Miami are the best two teams in the East, and I understand your sentiments that the Bulls almost won shorthanded and without production from most of the secondary pieces. What you failed to do is credit Miami's defense for stifling those guys and making Rose work so hard. Not to mention, Wade had a subpar game as well, thanks to the great defense of the Bulls. It's a two-way street. At the end of the day, Miami had the edge, whether it was due to a full roster vs. Chicago's limited roster, or simply finding a way to win.

    I still think the Heat have a little too much firepower for Chicago to overcome in a 7-game series - I mean, you have LeBron, Wade & Bosh who can all score whereas if Rose is held in check, the Bulls are in trouble, Deng or no Deng - but the gap is very, very small. Great game Sunday, and hopefully it's a preview of things to come in the postseason.

    1. Agreed on the point if Deng was there or not, it doesn't mean the Bulls would've won....just means it would've been a different game. Chicago better hope RIP Hamilton stays healthy and stays a consistent scoring contributor. They need it, otherwise the lack of firepower could haunt Chi-town.

      Oh, and LeBron's just gotta live in the post and stop shooting a ton of long shots. That would help Miami too.

  2. Sounds like a LOT of excuse making injuries or not you play with who is there if they are fully healthy it doesn't guarantee anything, Boozer has never really played well for Chicago vs Miami anyway, and besides that you drawing a lot of what sounds like final conclusions off of one game. I'm a third party in this as a Maverick fan but just reading this I don't necessarily believe this is a open & shut argument for Chicago being the better team, got to prove it.

  3. I disagree with the perspective that the Heat were put on notice. A lot of what has been said in earlier comments echo my sentiments. I think Derrick Rose did in that game what he did most of last year and less of in this year. Carried the Bulls offensively with incredible shots. I think the Heats defense needs to be seen as what it is, very good and possibly scary at times if they are in the groove. The Heat struggle to close out games and at times lose there continuity and focus on offense. They need to correct those issues. Also, they are most vulnerable against hot shooting 3 point teams. Multiple guys need to score with some consistency against the Heat defense which is easier said then done.

  4. I still think Miami would win an ECF showdown between these two squads, although in more than 5 games this time around. As much as I'd like the Bulls to take them out in the playoffs this season, I just think if the Heat are healthy they are just too top-heavy still and their defense is too nasty.

    No worries, though. Rose is only 23, which means the Bulls got nothing but time. And if it takes 2 or 3 tries like it took Michael to get past Detroit, Rose WILL get past the Heat.

    I was also thinking in a way this game did send the Heat a message in keeping the game close without them having Luol Deng or CJ Watson, and with an ailing Rip Hamilton and Carlos Boozer playing up to 1/5th of his salary.

    At the same time, however, we can't forget that last season the Bulls beat the Heat at home by just three last January, with the Heat's starting small forward for that game being the wrong James - James Jones instead of LeBron James. So it works both ways.

    Ultimately, I just think regular seasons wins or losses mean nothing in this rivalry. Momentum didn't do a thing for the Bulls last playoffs when they lost four straight after having won four straight against the Heat.

  5. For those who know me, they can tell you that I'm unafraid of being wrong and I'm not overly concerned with being right, either. It's just that more often than not, I usually am. I didn't expect anybody to agree with me, anyway. That's part of the reason why I wrote this. Just giving my opinion based on what I saw on Sunday. At the end of the day (and I've said this on The UC Show) the only time the outcomes of these games will matter is in May. I don't think Miami can get past Chicago this year and I will stand by that until proven otherwise. Carry on...

    1. I give you 100% daps for taking stand and speaking on what you believe in, I do.'re premise of the Heat having to "go thru Chicago" or the the Bulls "put Miami" on notice will continue to be fraudulent as long as Miami beat Chicago in 5 last year and Miami keeps beating Chicago in the regular season. The Bulls gotta prove it to us that they can beat Miami, we know they potentially can....but they actually gotta do it. We forget that Chicago swept Miami last year before Miami won 4 outta 5 in the ECF's.

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