Podcast: Slam Dunk Contests And Isiah Thomas Conversations

isiah thomas all-star

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, Justin and Ed get the show started by talking a little bit about Valentine's Day and rubbing up on someone you care about, amongst other things.

  • It's time to have a conversation about the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend, as Ed makes a bold proclamation that this could be one of the five greatest slam dunk competitions of all-time. Why? Because of James "Flight" White, that's why.
  • Tinsley says that Kyrie Irving will own the weekend in Houston.
  • NBC Chicago's Bryan Crawford and ESPN Truehoop Blogger Ethan Strauss join the show to debate the legacy of Isiah Thomas. Can Zeke's legacy as an all-time great point guard be debated? Let tomfoolery and shenanigans begin.

Download and enjoy, and get some loving on Valentine's Day.

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2 Replies to “Podcast: Slam Dunk Contests And Isiah Thomas Conversations”

  1. Isiah was a bit overshadowed in the Magic, Bird and Michael era. His failures to achieve success after retirement have not helped shape his legacy either. (Raptors, CBA, Pacers, Knicks, Florida Intl).

    But any astute and unbiased observer of the game would have to include Isiah on the list of the 10 greatest PG's of all time. He was the very definition of the floor general and could tailor his game to whatever the team needed at the moment.

    Isiah delayed Michael's ascention, ended the Celtics run of four straight trips to the Finals and stopped Magic's shot at a three peat. That's not a bad resume.

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