Pencil In The Miami Heat; The East Is A Mere Formality

As the first round of the NBA playoffs wind down, the Western Conference is compelling.

The young Thunder will most likely face the Mamba and his Lakers. The reinvigorated Spurs will tip it off against the young Clippers or Grizzlies.

Out west, the treacherous journey will be long and arduous. Incredible matchups, tough teams, and wily vets with multiple rings, with some long series mixed in with the unpredictability of who will advance.

Every shot contested, hard fouls at the rim, and close games will enthrall basketball fans.

Yes, the road will be tough to make it out of the west.

In the Eastern Conference, though? Those things need not apply.

No one, and that means no one, is touching the Miami Heat.

The minute Derrick Rose's ACL left his knee, so, too, did the intrigue in the east. At this point, at the next point, and the point after that, fans will tune in to see who finishes second.

Save your Rondo to the rescue arguments. Forget about your Sixers mysticism. Abandon the Pacers belief. This thing is over.

The Heat fell down in the NBA Finals last season to Dallas. The Dream Team had no recourse against Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs. Coming into this season (once there was a season), it seemed like they would come back to avenge the defeat.

LeBron James put up a MVP campaign on his road to redemption. There's no telling if he'll hoist the trophy that matters most. The teams out west can give Lebron and Wade a run for their money. Just like last year, a worthy opponent will await them.

That worthy opponent doesn't exist in the Eastern Conference. Perhaps the Bulls could have defeated them in a seven-game series with home court. At times, even that seemed like a long shot.

This season, the Heat looked to be stuck on cruise control. Now, they're ready to kick it into full gear.

And while many will point to the Celtics' 3-1 record against Miami this season as a rallying cry, Boston doesn't have enough. The C's won't get past Lebron this season; forget about it.

Mark it down now and if you bet on the Heat to make the finals earlier this year, cash your tickets.

These playoffs have become a mere formality in the Eastern Conference. It's sad, because years and years of great, gritty basketball have been in the east.

Great teams battled blow-for-blow with tremendous rivalries developing. This isn't that Eastern Conference. The second round matchups will probably hold some traditional franchises, but they aren't what they once were.

Outside of basketball purists, no one wants to watch the Sixers without a star against the aging Celtics and Rondo. Indiana has some extremely good players, but they're just serving as cannon fodder in the second round.

The key to gaining viewers is having a team that can challenge and beat Miami. The hate for Lebron and the Dream Team Part II is strong among the viewing public. To have a Rose-led Bulls team meet them in the ECF would have been fantastic for the NBA.

Alas, it won't happen. Those viewers will have to wait for the Finals.

The road out west is tough.

Miami's path is a stroll down easy street.

8 Replies to “Pencil In The Miami Heat; The East Is A Mere Formality”

  1. How dare you not give the Sixers their proper respects! They aren't afraid of the Heat. They played Miami last year and even beat the Heat in Philly on one of the best Easter Sundays of my life.

    No, but seriously, I think you are 100 percent right. The only team I think can even remotely give them a run is the Celtics, but I don't see it. LeBron is in beast mode.

  2. The knicks fan in me won't allow me to comment. It ain't ova ... til its ova... and even when it's ova... I refuse to admit it... LOL ... But you are right bro.

  3. I get where you are coming from with this post and you may be mostly true but I agree with the can't discount the East JUST because things look like they do.

    Besides this is still the Miami some senses their worst enemy is themselves (did you see the end of that last Knicks game?). Amar'e did great and it was a nice game but Miami lost that game more than the Knicks won it.

    Frankly the teams that Miami will face moving forward are just that teams...and having talent in a seven game series is just as important as having a team. Teams sacrifice for the teams and I don't see that consistently enough from Miami.

    Sadly, it probably will be Miami but I wouldn't count out Philly or the Cs just yet...

  4. It's a nice thought that the C's or Sixers could beat the Heat. Would be great for the game. If I owned a bridge in Brooklyn, that'd be great too.

    1. I do not think the Sixers can beat the Heat. If fact, I know they cannot, unless LeBron, Wade & Bosh get hurt. The C's would stand a puncher's chance simply because of the experience of KG and Pierce and brilliance of Rondo, but I really don't see it.

      Like you said, the Heat just look like a class above the rest.

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