Morgan Campbell On Sportonomics, Sports Business Journalism And Tank For Wiggins


If you lived under a rock for the past 20 or so years, you might not be aware that the public’s interest in the business of sports has grown with every passing season. No longer satisfied with memorizing lengths and amounts of player contracts along with league salary caps, we’ve gone far beyond that over time with not only stories that creep into the business or “hard news” sections of our favorite mediums, but with dedicated platforms that satiate an increasingly high demand.

The latest foray into this arena comes from the Toronto Star, as friend of TSFJ Morgan Campbell hosts a new Web series, Sportonomics. With curiosity-piquing topics and clever interviews, Sportonomics is already establishing itself as a destination for those who want to see more about where and how the games are played. As Campbell said, “There is a growing appetite for stories that come from beyond the field, whether they deal with straight human interest or finance of whatever has to do with sport.”

After a trip to Buffalo where he chatted with Bills wide receiver T.J. Graham about the transition to electronic playbooks, Campbell spoke with TSFJ about the show, sports business journalism as a whole and the potential impact of Toronto’s own Andrew Wiggins as he patiently waits for Adam Silver to call his name in next June’s NBA Draft.

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