Memo To Harrison Barnes: It's Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

At the beginning of his freshman season, no player had as much to live up to as UNC forward Harrison Barnes. Barnes was labeled pre-season All-American. No freshman in the history of college basketball had ever garnered that title. The pressure, along with the bulls-eye on his back, made it tough for Harrison Barnes to live up to the accolades bestowed upon him.

That year, there were a lot of talented players in college basketball, but Barnes drew the most criticism. After watching him play in the summer league, I was one of those people. I watched him look unstoppable at times, and he was almost always able to get the shot he wanted against some pretty good college and pro competition. However, when his freshman season started, he looked like a fish out of water.

Defensively, he was as good as advertised, but offensively, he would just go missing for long stretches in games. What we didn’t realize was that he just wasn’t meshing with the point guard in the system. Barnes was only averaging about 11 points a game with Larry Drew II at the point.

Enter Kendall Marshall. Upon the entry of Kendall Marshall, Barnes started filling it up. He had a couple of 19-point games, a 24-point game, and in the ACC tournament last year, he became the first freshman ever to score 40 in an ACC tournament game. He went from the ultra stiff Barnes Bot, to the super smooth Black Falcon (a name that I cannot really get with).

This season, Barnes has, at times, showed everyone what he was capable of, but he hasn’t been as consistent as most would like. I remember during his rookie year, everyone kept saying be patient, but expectations were high, and Barnes was supposed to be the savior during his stay at UNC. This year, pressure on him to deliver is higher than ever.

As we have progressed through his sophomore campaign, Barnes has, at times, showed us that he may be worthy of that top player in the nation status that he wore before stepping on campus at UNC. His upside is immeasurable, and the more comfortable he gets, the more lethal he becomes. Barnes can do a lot more to help his cause (and justify all of the praise), if UNC wins a National Championship this year. Honestly there is no reason why they shouldn’t win it this season when they have seven first round draft picks on that team. (This year: Barnes, Marshall, Henson, Zeller… Next year Hairston, McAdoo, McDonald).

So if Barnes is what everyone says he is, it's time to deliver. The fact that he can do it on both ends of the court makes him even more enticing. It’s put up or shut up time for Barnes and the Tar Heels. Let’s make that run memorable, guys, so I can party on Franklin Street until the break of dawn.

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7 Replies to “Memo To Harrison Barnes: It's Time To Put Up Or Shut Up”

  1. Simmons I agree. Barnes has been a disappointment as far as what he was supposed to be. He has been more hype than substance and really hasn't been that dominant player we thought he would be. At times he has shown his ability but it seems as if teams push back, he gets missing for extended periods of time. He just doesn't seem to have that killer instinct. Maybe now he can flip the switch and be what we think he can be. Then again maybe not.

  2. Part of the problem is that we need a coach. Roy doesn't run plays for Barnes and Barnes doesn't demand it either. The combination has been less than stellar and until they can get on the same page nothing good is going to come out of this situation. Barnes may go on to the NBA but his legacy at Carolina is going to be that he never was what he was supposed to be.

    1. I'm not sure if its the coach, but I do think that Harrison has a chance to cement his legacy with a run at a title this season. Yes, there are other stars on the team like Marshall, Henson and Zeller, but Barnes is the closer and the one that can push them over the top. If he can do that then his story will be set in stone.

      1. See, I'd argue this on another point. I think Barnes is capable of being the closer and the like, in fact he did it quite a bit in the final month and the tournament last season, but Zeller is the guy this team needs to and should be getting the ball to with the game on the line. He's Carolina's best player, Barnes the most talented.

        Why Roy doesn't play a two-man game with Barnes and Zeller in crunch time is beyond me.

        Though I agree with Joe's point. It's time for Harrison to go on a run and show that he was deserving of all the hype. Few guys at UNC become the absolutely star of stars they came in touted as or become at the next level, simply because of the culture Dean Smith built and Roy carries on. UNC runs a very team-oriented offense, not a ton of 'let one guy do it all.'

        That's how I see it, anyway.

  3. Barnes needs to be more aggressive IMO, at times he doesn't seem to be able to take people off of the dribble like I would expect. He def. can write his name in the NC history books with a title this year. I don't think he will be the 1st pick this year unless he has a crazy NCAA tourney.

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