2012 National Team, Kobe Bryant And The 1992 Dream Team Snubs

While on vacation this week, the buzz around the condo that I was staying in was about the statements that Kobe Bryant made about the 1992 Dream Team. Yes, Kobe feels the 2012 team is superior, and I blogged about it (inside the numbers) on my personal site because it was intriguing to me. If you are a basketball fan like me, you love it when personal challenges are thrown out there because it gives you an opportunity to compare generations of hoops and how teams would stack up against one another.

There is no mistaking the Jordan era is probably the best the NBA has seen due to the physical nature of the game and the caliber of athletes that flooded the NBA slightly before Jordan and throughout the career of the NBA megastar.

Kobe’s statements confirmed that the Dream Team will be the measure of all National Teams for the rest of the tenure that professionals play basketball in the Olympic games. However, his remarks were really off base and he should have given it some deep thought before speaking publicly about it.

When the buzz peaked, one of my twitter pals Jagadelic threw it out there that the 2012 team would have a problem against the 1992 players that weren’t selected. This intrigued me to the point that I had to put it on paper and pick a team of 12 players that I would have liked to have seen play at that time in their careers.

Let’s start with the point guards. There is no mistaking that Chris Paul and Deron Williams are the benchmark for point guards on this team and in the league today. But how would they stack up against Isaiah Thomas and Tim Hardaway in 1992? Zeke was a terror at the point, and Tim Hardaway was so quick and tough on defense that he made people’s heads swim when he was on the court. Advantage '92 snubs.

When we move over to the hybrids and shooting guards, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kobe Bryant are as good as it gets on this roster. However, how would they stack up against Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond and Reggie Lewis in 1992? Taking into consideration that Kobe is 34 years old now I say not very well even though he is still lethal. I say advantage '92 snubs.

Moving over to the winged assassins at the small forward is where things begin to get interesting. The 2012 team has Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Andre Igoudala as their wings. These three guys are athletic and probably the best players in the game today. The '92 team isn’t bad either. Dominique Wilkins and his 28 ppg, teaming up with Glen Rice and “Big Game" James Worthy would be explosive as well. However this is where I give the advantage to the 2012 National Team.

When you look at the power forwards, the matchup is pretty close. The 2012 team has Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin. The '92 snubs would bring the pain as Larry Johnson and Dennis Rodman would be more than the National Team could handle on the box. Advantage '92 snubs.

At the center position the 2012 team comes to town with Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love. The '92 snubs bring a host of variety as they can go with Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning. Both out of college are better than Chandler and Love. Advantage '92 snubs.

When you look at the matchups, it’s clear that the 2012 team is good but the plethora of talent in the NBA during the Jordan era is unmistakably tough to deal with. I will throw a few more names out there that were dominant during that time frame: Brad Daugherty, Pervis Ellison, Danny Manning, Kevin Johnson, Kendall Gill, Joe Dumars, Hersey Hawkins, Chuck Person … I could keep going and going. The NBA isn’t in bad shape now, but it’s not what it used to be.

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9 Replies to “2012 National Team, Kobe Bryant And The 1992 Dream Team Snubs”

  1. I'm riding with you on this one. The thing is these young kids probably don't know how good Mitch Richmond was. He was one of the best scorers in the game at the time.

    And young Shaq and Alonzo against Chandler and Love, no chance. I would love to find a way to see young Shaq against Dwight though, that would be fun to watch.

    1. That was what I was thinking. Mitch Richmond was in contention for the scoring title every year in his prime.
      That center matchup would get just ugly.
      And folks don't remember that in 92 Larry Johnson was still Grand mama

    1. It would be Zeke just had so much heart. He and CP3 would have probably killed each other out there. Hardaway was the wild card for me tho. He was so talented to be his size and stature. Averaging 22 ppg in your second and third year in the league with the talent he had on his team was crazy.

  2. Man... you just gave me another reason to lament the loss of Len Bias. I completely forgot that he would have been a potential Dream Teamer. Drexler would have flipped his wig if Bias had beaten him out.

    But, in keeping with this post. Zeke and Glide would have made the ultimate "vengence" snub backcourt to handle CP3 and Kobe.

    Great read.

  3. I might have swapped a group or two, but the conclusion is the same. The only thing, this was not the "Jordan Era" for competitiveness. The level of competitiveness dropped like a rock after '92 when Bird and Magic were gone. There was a lot of talent, but the talent with rings was old and the young guys were getting paid ridiculous amounts, which led to the ease with which the Bulls were able to dominate. Look at what you could have done with 1988 and the talent then.

    This is a good crop, and might have beaten the 2008 team, but this idea that they could take the Dream Team is nonsense. Even John Hollinger's computer simulation gives this series to the Dream Team 4-1. That sounds about right.

  4. That guard matchup is all we need to see.. I think it would be a wash... I'm giving D Will a slight edge over Tim because of size and size alone. Mitch use to give BUCKETS... This would be a good game for sure but the old school NBA was just better , more physical, allowed to fight... If the new team had a healthy team they would have a better shot though no D. Rose, Wade and Howard change the dynamic a lil bit..

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