The ‘Winter Series’ And 3 MLB Teams Struggling To Meet The Hype


The MLB season is nearly halfway done, and a few of the biggest favorites headed into the spring haven’t quite hit the mark the way they were supposed to. When the page turns on a new season, and the hype dies down from the winter paycheck season, the picture does not always paint itself the way it was designed. (Ed’s note: I find it intriguing that I have a real hate for all three of these teams. As a Braves fan, I hate these teams for the following reasons: NL East rival, screw them. The infield fly rule, screw them. Toronto beat Philadelphia in the 1993 World Series. Atlanta was better than Philly in 1993. Screw them both.)

Here are three teams that came into the season with a world of expectations but have more or less spent the season on the sideline, trying to get back into the mix. If they are going to do so, there are a few clear things that have to be done … and fast. (Oh, and the three GIFs waiting for you after the break are kind of awesome.)

3 Replies to “The ‘Winter Series’ And 3 MLB Teams Struggling To Meet The Hype”

  1. If this article were extended to five teams, would both LA teams be on this list or are the LA teams a completely different column?

  2. Agree with DB, the LA teams could be added if this went to 5 teams.

    As for Ed, if the Braves were better than the Phillies in 1993 … THEN HOW COME THE PHILLIES BEAT THE BRAVES IN THE NLCS? That’s best of 7, not even best of 5. No excuses. Give us the one damn time we were good in the ’90s for goodness sake!

    On a different note, what’s up with Matt Cain?

    1. I considered both LA clubs, but I don’t think they’ll be able to make the ground up, so I left them out. Hamilton no-showing it and the horrible start the Dodgers got off to both feel insurmountable. They’d have to play roughly about .650% ball to get ahead to hold off what’s in place. Don’t see that type of fortitude from either.

      Matt Cain isn’t hitting the black enough, and leaving it over the plate after a time or two through the lineup is going to get anybody murdered.

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