The 4 Teams Scribe Wants To See From The Owner’s Box

Mark Davis

Oakland Raiders

There’s no question that the death of Al Davis looms large over the franchise and it’s been well documented that the team struggled in his final years. There have been concerns that son Mark and widow/mom Carol are interested in selling the team they may not be as invested as Al was. That alone makes the Raiders the pick here, but the idea of being a fly in the wall stems from knowing what this proud franchise still means to the NFL (the bad ass branding appeal still endures, even if winning has not).

The Raiders defined dysfunction in the eleven years since Barret Robbins went AWOL the day before Super Bowl XXXVII. Whether it’s been bad signings and drafts, coaching changes, flirtations of returning to Los Angeles or the passing of its iconic owner, the Silver and Black can share most of the same plotlines as QPR did in the film. It’s been close to two years since Al Davis’ death and starting anew has been difficult on the field and in the corporate offices. The uncertainty and the infamous culture of paranoia could last for much longer than an 88-minute documentary.

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  1. I’m going to throw my own 4 into the pot…

    1. Miami Marlins: They are by far the biggest clusterf*ck in MLB, and yet I find their situation strangely compelling. Hideous stadium, tepid fans and yet a potential that’s still really there.

    2. LA Clippers: Because Donald Sterling is evil.

    3. Cincinnati Bengals: Because they are an insanely run family operated NFL team that after 20+ years of terribleness, they are actually good.

    4. NY/NJ Red Bulls: Because they have Thierry Henry, and that’s good enough for me. (That rhymed)


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