It’s Over Before It’s Over: Fixing The MLB’s Worst

There’s about two weeks of all-inclusive season to play in Major League Baseball before the season draws to a close. But for a few clubs, it’s been academic for a while now. They’re just running down the clock, because the winter started as early as May for a few of them. Yes, we’re talking about the MLB’s bottom feeders. The type of squads that even playing spoiler is a task, and there are often more foul balls in the upper deck by now than fans.

But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel (even if it’s a 20-year cave like the Pirates are stuck in). How can they avoid being back here next year? Or at the very least, turning up a spot or two in their divisions? Here are a few tips along the path to salvation from TSFJ’s resident deacon of the diamond, and some tips to live a better, more pure life in the light of the postseason … and some point before there’s another presidential election.

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