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MLB World Series | Tips, Odds & Predictions
The TSFJ Fam
It’s officially the start of the 2021 MLB World Series! After plenty of exciting baseball action, it all comes down to this. ...
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The TSFJ Fam
MLB Round-Up | This Week in the World of Baseball - Season So Far
30 teams. 162 games each. The MLB season is well and truly underway, with around a ...
The TSFJ Fam
Blake Snell Looks Set to Join Padres from Rays
The San Diego Padres are set to acquire former Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell from ...
The TSFJ Fam
Cleveland Indians Set to Change Nickname
Cleveland Indians are on the verge of ...
The TSFJ Fam
Eduardo Rodriguez Agrees $8.3m Deal for 2021 with Boston Red Sox
Eduardo Rodriguez has agreed an $8.3 million ...
The TSFJ Fam
Phillies Spend Off-Season Drifting
Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies could be ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Right Fielders in 2020: Acuna Jr., Betts and Yelich Lead VIP Group
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Center Fielders in 2020: Trout And Bellinger, A Hollywood MVP Double Feature
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Left Fielders in 2020: Juan Soto Is Both The Present And The Future
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Shortstops in 2020: Lindor And An Embarrassment Of Riches
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League Baseball season would be rounding into its first full ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Third Basemen for 2020: Arenado, Bregman, Rendon Lead Incredible Crop
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten Second Basemen in 2020: A Big Shakeup Around Altuve
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB Top Ten First Basemen In 2020: Freeman, Rizzo And Alonso Lead In A New Era
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League ...
The TSFJ Fam
MLB's Top 10 Catchers In 2020: Realmuto, Grandal or Contreras For No. 1?
Under normal circumstances, the 2020 Major League Baseball season would be rounding into its first full ...
The TSFJ Fam
Deion Sanders Has 'A Lot Of Regrets' When He Signs Baseball Cards
“I’m married to football, baseball is my girlfriend.” -- Deion Sanders, in a 1989 Sports Illustrated ...
The TSFJ Fam
Preserving The Memory: How Nationals Fans Can Celebrate Their Championship
The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day: 'Jack of All Trades' Is About More Than Baseball (Cards)
Baseball cards were the love of my ...
The TSFJ Fam
Summer Reading: Reliving A Crazy Day At Wrigley Field During A Crazy Time In Baseball
Ten innings. 45 runs. 50 hits. 12-run ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Maybe The Old Heads Have A Point?
There's no question that Major League Baseball ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Bill Buckner Didn't Need 'Forgiveness'
Two thousand seven hundred and fifteen hits. ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Whose Game Is This?
It looks like Major League Baseball has ...
The TSFJ Fam
Beyond The Strikeouts: Exploring Bryce Harper's Start With the Phillies
In case you haven’t heard, Bryce Harper ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - YouTube Classics (Vol. 1)
And now for something I think you'll ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Inject The Drama Into My Veins
Baseball's a grind and can be taxing ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Does Anybody Want To Win The NL East?
Do any of you want to win ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Be Thankful
Mr. Getaway tends be a curmudgeon when ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day – Are They For Real? (Small Sample Size Theater)
Three weeks into the Major League Baseball ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - Does Baseball Want To Die?
Not even a month into the season ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day – Bring Your Talent, Lose Your Passion
Welcome to TSFJ's new weekly baseball column, ...
The TSFJ Fam
Getaway Day - A Season Begins Anew
Welcome to TSFJ's new weekly baseball column, ...
The TSFJ Fam
Rule Changes Show Baseball's Understanding Of Impending Doom
Baseball is undeniably at a tipping point. ...
The TSFJ Fam
Predicting the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Class and Beyond
The newest inductees to the Baseball Hall ...
The TSFJ Fam
Get In Where You Fit In: Breaking Down Bryce Harper's Free Agency Finalists
The nearly three-year saga revolving around the ...
The TSFJ Fam
With New Gambling Partnership, MLB Is Willing To Abandon Its Recent Priorities
In the time since the Supreme Court ...
The TSFJ Fam
World Series Stock Market Recap: Who Rose, Fell or Broke Even?
The 2018 World Series has come to ...
The TSFJ Fam
The Hitters and Pitchers To Watch During the NLCS
Most of the breathless hype will be ...
The TSFJ Fam
The 5 Hitters That Deserve Your Attention This MLB Postseason
We haven’t talked up baseball in quite ...
The TSFJ Fam
The Financials Are Clear: Kyler Murray Is Right To Choose Baseball
Kyler Murray is likely looking at five ...
The TSFJ Fam
A Too-Early Look at the MLB All-Star Game Roster
Although the MLB All-Star Game is still ...
The TSFJ Fam
'The Dark Knight' Matt Harvey Became The Bane Of The Mets’ Existence
*Jay-Z Voice* World Series feeling: Take the ...
The TSFJ Fam
It’s Too Soon To Worry About Giancarlo Stanton And The New York Yankees, But...
The New York Yankees will be fine…I ...
The TSFJ Fam
Enough With The Basebrawls Already
It's unfortunate, but necessary, to constantly re-evaluate ...
The TSFJ Fam
Five Things To Watch As The MLB Season Begins: Because New Faces, New Places
Tomorrow, the first pitch of the MLB ...
The TSFJ Fam
The Cultural Barriers of Baseball Still Remain
My son was in the on deck ...
Eddie Maisonet III
Mo Vaughn Was The Realest, Period
He's 6'1" and 245 pounds, his head ...
The TSFJ Fam
Scott Rolen Deserves More Hall Of Fame Love
By Tony Fioriglio - @TheTonyFiorigli ‏ This ...
The TSFJ Fam
Joe Morgan's Letter Points To Bigger Hall Of Fame Shift
By Tony Fioriglio - @TheTonyFiorigli  Baseball is ...
The TSFJ Fam
Although Their Streak Has Been Passed, The 2002 Oakland Athletics Light Shines On
By Jen Rainwater As a fan of ...
The TSFJ Fam
Will Justin Verlander Help Bring A World Series To Houston?
By Jen Rainwater / @baseball_jen Late Thursday ...
The TSFJ Fam
What MLB Contenders Are In The Best Shape For A World Series Run?
As the long and winding road of ...
The TSFJ Fam
The Houston Astros Are Going From Really Good To Possibly Great
The Houston Astros own the American League’s ...
The TSFJ Fam
Should Baseball's Unwritten Rules Be Written Out Of The Game?
Saying “that’s just the way it is” ...
Eddie Maisonet III
Happy Birthday To The Coolest: Willie Mays
"(Willie) Mays is the only sports hero ...
Eddie Maisonet III
WATCH: Marcell Ozuna Hit A Ridiculous Home Run That Makes No Sense
"There's something magical about a home run. ...

Baseball Breaking News for Today

Finding the latest baseball news has never been easier. At Sports Fan Journal, we bring you all-inclusive coverage of the latest developments in the world of baseball. Baseball news MLB might be on tip of everyone’s tongue, but there’s so much more on offer. That’s why you’ll find a comprehensive list of the latest baseball news articles right here.

However, it must be noted that a fair share of our baseball breaking news will focus on the MLB. The regular season boasts almost 2,500 baseball games – bringing with it intrigue, upsets, injuries, and enterprises that flourish and those that fall by the wayside. Covering the MLB season is more than a profession – and at Sports Fan Journal, we are privileged to spearhead this in-depth coverage with our unique take on the latest baseball news.

In short, we’ll cover all the teams - from table-toppers in the American League (AL) to those barely hanging on in the National League (NL). As teams hit the road in their quest to qualify for the postseason playoffs, our expert writers at Sports Fan Journal will be right there in the thick of the action. We cover individual players, possible trades, injuries, current management news, and highlight which players to look out for. You can find all the top baseball breaking news, or even catch up on the latest sports news in general. It’s all on offer at Sports Fan Journal.

Baseball news – All the latest reports

The regular MLB baseball season is packed to the rafters with games. Each team plays 162 games throughout the season - 81 at home and 81 on the road. Therefore, there’s a myriad of factors that come into play when determining a successful season over an average - or disappointing - season. With so many games on offer, it’s a miracle that fans are able to stay abreast of the incessant internal changes that occur. Keeping an eye on rosters while penciling in upcoming games can be a full-time hobby. However, it needn’t be. At Sports Fan Journal, we’ll bring your attention to all these factors that come into play.

Over and above this, we provide you with the latest baseball news with decisive reports on games spanning both MLB leagues and all subsequent divisions. You’ll find critical analyzes or basic overviews of all the latest baseball games. From age-old rivalries between the Yankees and Red Sox to the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. However, it doesn’t stop there. Reports will be available on all games, even those that don’t attract the biggest hype. Check out our conclusive reports that outline the latest tactics, strategies, team changes, in-play occurrences, and predictions on future form.

Best of all, our reports won’t only begin once the back-end of the season starts identifying possible World Series competitors. We’ll be there from the start, giving you the best possible insight into baseball news today. We pride ourselves on engaging with our readers, and bringing you thorough coverage as, and when, it happens. For those of you who enjoy multiple sports, take a look at the latest soccer news for today.

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Baseball news coverage on all the teams

With 30 teams in the MLB, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. From pre-season training; team structures; current form; interpersonal relationships; and an intricate path to ultimate success - it is clear there are many moving parts. These factors determine how well a team is going to perform throughout the season. Having one or two stars might be the difference in a tightly contested game, but it’s the fortitude of an entire team, and coaching staff, that will take a team into the postseason and beyond.

At Sports Fan Journal, we know that a lot of media attention is directed at teams like such as the Yankees, Red Sox, LA Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, and San Francisco Giants. However, it’s imperative that all teams are represented equally. This is an ethos that we stand by and strive towards. A lack of coverage for smaller teams is a great injustice to the players and loyal fans. Thus, you’ll find baseball news today on teams such as the Miami Marlins,  Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Without these teams, the league wouldn’t be what it is today. Interestingly, a team such as the Oakland A’s has risen in popularity over the last decade. They might boast the fanbase of the Yankees, but they sure know how to play the game.

As such, The Sports Fan Journal won’t dedicate all our coverage to teams with the biggest market cap, but rather aim to bring you a balanced platform that promotes baseball breaking news on all teams. This is true for all our sports news, just like the latest NBA basketball news offering.

Catch up with individual players

At face value, baseball comes down to a competition between 2 teams consisting of 9 players each. When compared to a game such as football, outsiders may wonder what all the fuss is about. With football news now, there’s a huge amount of analysis that goes into covering massive squads and keeping an eye out for in-form players. But, baseball actually boasts squads of 40 players with 26 active players on the roster. Thus, there’s just as much analysis involved - meaning that it’s difficult to track and gauge the form of every single player in the MLB. That’s why, at Sports Fan Journal, we bring you the baseball breaking news that hones in on individual players.

It goes without saying that we’ll cover the latest baseball news today on players such as Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts, and Christian Yelich. Yes, these players garner a lot of interest from the general public. Mike Trout has continued to dominate the league with an unfathomable WAR and maintains his number spot as the best MLB player. However, Mookie Betts is on his heels and led the LA Dodgers to the World Series title in 2020.

We’re also committed to bringing you baseball breaking news about up-and-coming rookies and those that you should keep your eye on. At Sports Fan Journal, it’s not only about the big picture. We’re interested in bringing you informative baseball news today that incorporates all the players - from all-stars to those biding their time in the dugout.

Who’s injured and who’s making a comeback?

As is the case in season-long campaigns, injuries are part and parcel of any sports franchise. With 162 games in the regular seasons for each team, plus additional series to play for those who qualify for postseason festivities, it’s only normal to expect that certain players will have to endure injuries. This might mean that certain teams will have to grapple with regular starters being sidelined and team changes occurring. The depth of a squad and the strength of reserves are of utmost importance. This is especially true when star players - those defending center field, pitching, or in-form hitters - take a knock.

In our latest baseball news today, we’ll cover any unforeseen events such as injuries. Although it’s never fun for anyone when a player is injured, it also gives way for others to take center stage and prove themselves at the highest level. We’ll also cover those players on the mend, who are imminently returning back into the fold. Our expert writers will bring you insightful coverage of all the latest baseball breaking news surrounding injuries and comebacks - and what to expect in the short to medium term.

Be at the forefront of prospective trades

One of the biggest talking points when it comes to the latest baseball news today has to do with prospective trades. There are a lot of rumors that engulf this topic making it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. At Sports Fan Journal, we cut through the melting pot of trade rumors and speculation, to bring you substantiated developments on possible trades.

A common theme that has developed over the last couple of years is a move from contractual stability to players seeking free agency. This has been compounded in the last 12 months with a number of big names opting out of renewing deals to seek greener pastures. Certain fans are more loyal to individual players than actual teams and you certainly want to know whether or not your favorite player will be sticking around for another season or jetting off to team up with a starlit franchise. Trades are part of any sport and it's important to accept that changes are predestined. However, it also means that teams that suffer from a lack of quality playmakers are able to change this situation over time. No one team is consigned to oblivion forever.

There happen to be daily transactions that take place, or at the very least are verbally spoken about, and this leads to a lot of uncertainty. By visiting the Sports Fan Journal, you’ll have access to a wide expanse of the best baseball breaking news, free from rumor, and to the point.

MLB manager developments

Another major talking point in the MLB peers behind the curtain and delves into the backroom world of tactics and strategy. Following the latest baseball news today at Sports Fan Journal will bring you up to speed with all the latest coaching and management developments. The players might execute once on the diamond in front of the fans, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. A top manager and support staff bring out the best in players. It is up to them to manage big-money signings that hold sway and in many cases, have over-inflated ideas of who runs the show. A respected manager can embolden a team and create a cohesive unit that is needed if play-off aspirations are to be realized.

At the time of writing, the Red Sox are still in the search for a new manager to take over the reins at one of the biggest baseball franchises in the world. A.J. Hinch has been snapped up by the Detroit Tigers and fans wait with eager anticipation to see if Hinch, a World Series champion manager in his own right, can resurrect the fortunes of the beleaguered Detroit side.

With the latest news on managers and coaching staff, it is possible to identify which teams might be able to change their destiny and rise to stardom. On the other hand, the inevitable retirement of managers who have navigated teams through prolonged periods of success, will leave franchises scratching their heads as to where next. All of this makes for interesting reading and provides you with a wider perspective on the latest developments and future possibilities within the MLB.

Stay in the loop with the latest baseball news

It may seem as if it’s possible to follow baseball news today, but it’s a constant barrage of talking points, speculation, and a general overload of information. At Sports Fan Journal, we have hand-picked the most important topics to cover throughout the MLB season. With mention of the Minor League and what to look out for on the fringes of the top baseball league, you’ll have your wits about you. This improves your ability to understand the game and appreciate what goes into a successful baseball season.

The best part of following the latest baseball news is that it allows you to feed your passion for the sport. If you are an avid fan, a part-time follower, or an individual wanting to learn about the game, there’s something for everyone within our news section. For those who are looking for insider tips that might even contribute to a strategically placed wager on an upcoming game, Sports Fan Journal has you covered. We aim to provide our readers with a comprehensive platform from which to stay up-to-date with all the latest news on baseball. Not only do we provide the latest news on baseball, but we also bring you boxing news today and the latest MMA news. Join us for all your sporting interests.

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