The 10 Things To Focus On In The 2013 NHL Playoffs (Hint: One Of Them Is Beards)

Well that felt shorter than usual, didn’t it? After just 48 games, we’re about to embark on the perilous journey we call the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You may be fully immersed in the NBA at the moment, and really I can’t blame you, but the NHL playoffs offer the most exciting playoffs in sports. Stars shine, underdogs win it all, cities riot whether they win or lose, and players honor tradition by growing ridiculous amounts of facial hair. Then there’s sudden death overtime where immortality always waits in the balance.

There was a moment in mid-winter where I feared this day may never come. I’m glad it finally has. With that, I offer 10 story lines to watch for in the Stanley Cup playoffs in no particular order. As anyone will tell you, the rankings tend not to matter in the NHL.

10 Replies to “The 10 Things To Focus On In The 2013 NHL Playoffs (Hint: One Of Them Is Beards)”

      1. Shame on you, Rev. DB, Iggy was a regrettable omission from this list. I simply forgot probably because I hate the Penguins more than I hate King Joffrey.

        I want to see him win a cup, though. I just wish it was with another team.

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