The Sports Fan's 3-Point Guide To The NBA All-Star Snub Argument

By Jonathan Tillman / @thetillshow

My main damie, Matt Whitener, gave me his blessing to write this piece. He says the people need it, and Johnathan Tillman is for the people.

The NBA All-Star Reserves were named yesterday. Like with any list, there are varying opinions on who was, and more importantly, who should have been recognized. Basketball fans will see and hear the word "snub" repeated ad nauseam. Should you choose to engage in this type of debate, I implore you to keep a few principles in mind that will further strengthen your position.

Remember why the players were selected.

Unlike the NBA All-Star Starters, where only the fans select the five to open the game, the coaches fill out the rest of the rosters. What this means for you, sports fan, is that your argument for the reserves should not stem from who you want to see. The coaches choose players for superb play, regardless of aesthetics. You know how much fun seeing Jamal Crawford or Swagger Percival Nick Young would be in that spotlight? Tremendously hilarious is the answer. But Tony Parker and LaMarcus Aldridge have been elite players this season. They deserve to be rewarded.

You must remove a player from the team to give your snub a spot.

Personally, this is the most important rule. Snubs deserve recognition over the people recognized. Everyone who is playing at an All-Star level will not be chosen. If we didn't remove players, the teams would look like MLB rosters. In order to add one, you must drop one. Trust me, sports fan, your argument will make more sense.

When swapping out players, adhere to the position rules.

This is an addendum to the previous principle. The bench can't have seven swingmen on it. Again, everyone can't go. There will be some really good players who won't have "2014 All-Star" on their career list of accomplishments. That doesn't belittle this season or their skill level. Do not remove a center for another guard. Big men need love, too.
So, there you have it, sports fan. I hope you take these principles and let them guide you in slaying faulty arguments in every bar, barbershop and house gathering. And maybe you won't hear why Lance Stephenson should have made it over Joe Johnson. Because he shouldn't have.


Do you have an All-Star snub worth discussing? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to follow the rules. Otherwise they will be ignored. Let the debate begin.

13 Replies to “The Sports Fan's 3-Point Guide To The NBA All-Star Snub Argument”

  1. This is easy.

    Snub: Jeff Teague/Lance Stephenson
    Replace: Joe Johnson
    Position: Guard

    I wanted to see Afflalo, but then I just realized that Teague is more deserving because of the winning (and lack of talent in ATL) vs. Joe Jeezy. JJ is cool, but fuck no. Let ATL flourish although I'm not sure Millsap's that deserving of the bid. Also, if the 8th grader gets into the all-star game then the chances the game is actually good goes up 57%.


    1. Joe Johnson has the lowest scoring average for his career in 11 seasons. He is hot garbage defensively. He went on a little run where he hit a few big shots and everyone was like, "Oh, Joe Johnson used to be good, I'll vote for him." The East coaches are lazy and should be ashamed of themselves. He's what...the 3rd best player on a 20-23 team? Hell nah.


  2. Snub: KYLE LOWRY
    Replace: Joe Johnson
    Position: Guard

    honorable mention to Jeff Teague/Lance Stephenson, but Joe Johnson honestly is in the game because 1. He plays in Brooklyn and 2. Refer back to number 1, NBA needed a Net at this point.

    Joe Johnson has been mediocre at best this season, minus that 2 week stretch he had in January which has since lamed out back to how he was playing before the New Year.

    There are claims that they reward winning and as the guys on TNT said, they expect the Nets to make a strong finish at 3rd in the East. Problem is they're not there yet, and even still Joe hasn't been great, he's just the best right now on the other NY franchise.

    Lowry has arguably been the best PG in the East, and Toronto is 3rd right NOW, not a possible seed sometime in April. With that said Miami gets 3 players in when their record is high, and Spurs were getting that treatment for years, if Lowry can't be in the game then it has to be Stephenson. Indiana has been beyond dominant, and just isn't getting that 3 star respect. Teague is a personal preference for me, but no way in hell should Joe Johnson be in.

    On the west side I can't so much call a snub, because the one player that has no business in the game is Kobe, and that was decided by fans so.....

  3. The 8th grader should've made it over Joe "bitches" Johnson. Teague and Lowry got fleeced, Dragic or Conley should have Paul's spot.
    I know Wade got the votes but....
    Davis or Cousins should be in over Dirk
    It's a cold world out here. If Kobe and Paul don't play hopefully a few ppl get in that deserve

  4. Kyle Lowry replacing Joe Johnson. Lowry's numbers are much better this year and he's arguably been the best point guard in the East. I don't like the "his teams has more wins" argument, but even those who do can't point to that. It's really not debatable.

    Also Goran Dragic or Mike Conley over Damian Lilliard. I know Lilliard is more popular and the Blazers are surprising so we are susceptible to assuming he is All-Star caliber for that, but Goran and Conley are more fitting candidates in my opinion. Both are much better defenders and have done more with less this season, being the best players this season on their respective teams. Either one over him would be acceptable.

    Last I'd have Anthony Davis over Dirk. I know most probably haven't seen Anthony Davis play, but he's amazing. Dirk is as well, but the Unibrow has as many Win Shares, a higher PER, and overall has been more productive, even if it be for a bad team in New Orleans. For what it's worth, this is the selection I have the least issue with. I would not have Demarcus Cousins in over Dirk like a lot would, I just prefer the Unibrow and think he's being penalized (or Dirk rewarded) for being on a bad team and lack of seniority rather than his production.

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