The REAL Top 10 Wide Receivers In The NFL, 2013 Edition

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I have never seen the TSFJ e-offices as stressed as I have over this project.

We’ve done plenty of lists around here before. From the top quarterbacks in the NFL to the best kick returners in college football history and so on and so on, lists are what we do here at TSFJ. So when I brought up the idea of reviving an old classic from our days back at ETSF, the idea was immediately met with eagerness and anticipation.

Who are the REAL top 10 wide receivers in the NFL?

What transpired in the TSFJ e-offices was nothing short of civil anarchy. People were cussing up storms, people talked about folks’ mamas and people really had to re-evaluate everything they thought about the wide receiver position in 2013. What follows is a list of the top 10 wideouts in the league, but really, it was a labor of love. You think about who you think the 10 best wide receivers are, then check back with us in the comments section.

Here we go, as brought to you by Kenny Masenda, Justin Tinsley, Ed The Sports Fan and Reverend Paul Revere

16 Replies to “The REAL Top 10 Wide Receivers In The NFL, 2013 Edition”

  1. After last night, Demaryius Thomas might have an argument to be on this list. Dude has had two great seasons in a row, one of them with Tim Tebow “throwing” the ball. I’d slide him in ahead of someone like Reggie Wayne or Roddy White… maybe.

    1. I tend to agree that Demaryius will be on this list soon … and shit, we omitted Wes Welker, probably because he’s so damn annoying. He probably shoulda bounced someone on here, but there are just so many awesome receivers in the NFL these days.

      1. The slot WR is an interesting one because…

        1. I think I’d rather have Percy Harvin in the slot over anyone.
        2. I think Wes Welker set the gold standard for being a slot WR.
        3. I think Victor Cruz captivates our attention the most.

        I almost voted all 3 on this top 10 list, but that’s just me.

  2. First of all let me take a deep breath. Is this list based on talent or production? Because if it’s the latter, then the ball was dropped.

    How does one leave Wes Welker off any list? I don’t care who throws him the rock, he’s catches it and produces.

    Victor Cruz isn’t that good. Fast yes, good… I don’t think he’s top 10. Roddy White is good but he’s not better than anyone he’s in front of any more. Call it what it is but it’s the truth. Larry Fitzgerald is making top receiver money but he’s not really producing like a top receiver. Granted he no longer has Kurt Warner slinging him the rock either.

    Look at Demaryius Thomas’s stats for the past two seasons. He’s been as productive as Julio and AJ and he had Tim Tebow as a quarterback one season.

    I guess yards after the catch wasn’t considered either or no one would have been ahead of Welker. He and Sproles have led the league in that category for the past few seasons as well.

    Sometimes we fall in love with the flash on the field and lose perspective of the talent. The lists weren’t bad though but the omission of Welker and Thomas from every list seems to be a drastic oversight.

    1. I’m with you on Welker. Dropped the ball on that one … just like Welker last night (good job, Harbaugh) and in that Super Bowl (couldn’t resist). But seriously, I think Welker is better than Cruz.

      And I think Demaryius cracks this list next year. HOWEVER, other than last season with that shit heap at QB, Larry Fitzgerald has continued to be excellent. Last year was just a struggle.

  3. Victor Cruz isn’t good??? The man has to play with Hakeem Nicks (who I think is a good WR but need to stay healthy) for almost 3 years and still produced for the NY Giants…

      1. While I’m not big on lists in general, I can certainly give you not top ten in that these guys left out Welker.

        Now, you’re presenting another argument in the idea that he’s not a #1 on 15 teams that he’s on. While I disagree with that based on how many teams really don’t have great options at the slot, I also want to ask this: Does he have to be the so-called number 1 receiver in order to be considered one of the top WRs in the game? Because here’s the thing about guys like Welker, Cruz and countless others who produced as smaller speedsters: they were never considered the #1 guy because the roles were different. These days, if you’re not 6’2 (minimum) and have the ability to essentially catch rebounds over smaller DBs (Plaxico in his non-shooting prime), you’re not considered the #1. Steve Smith is the exception because not since Mushin Muhammad has Carolina had the reliable taller WR. Instead, the smaller guys move the chains and occasionally grab the scores.

        Let’s not forget that these guys were considered the compliment to bigger guys. Cruz took over for the USC Steve Smith, who took over for Amani Toomer. He was supposed to be a possession receiver opposite Nicks (who essentially replaced Burress). Welker was never the #1 guy on any team he was on (never played a regular season game for San Diego, was the 3rd option behind Chris Chambers and Marty Booker in Miami before emerging in that dredful ’06 season, was the compliment to Moss when he arrived in New England).

        As for not being the best on his team, I’m a huge Nicks fan and seeing these two operate for the Giants offense in person and for road games is actually quite fun. There aren’t that many teams in the league that present as much matchup issues as the Giants do when both are healthy, especially Nicks. However, there are more games than not when Nicks is relatively neutralized while Cruz manages to not only get to the end zone, but at least get 6/75. I think you’re selling his value to the team a little short here.

  4. Wes Welker should have been top 5. And no way is Roddy better than Julio. Fitz is good, but his numbers have not been good these past couple of seasons. I would have dropped him down. No way he should be 3. AJ Green rated so low is a shocker to me. He has helped Cinny go the the playoffs. That alone should have him top 6.

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