Q&A With Alex Wong On His Debut Book, ‘Steven Lebron, Volume 1’

Regular readers of The Sports Fan Journal surely know our very own Alex Wong by now, aka Steven Lebron. What you may not know is that Alex, a Canadian who is currently in the midst of moving from Toronto to New York City, has been working on a book for a while now. But you should. Why? Because “Steven Lebron, Volume 1,” Alex’s debut book, is now available for purchase, and by the looks of it, this thing is a must-read.

There are many more details on Alex’s Tumblr site, StevenLebron.com, and you can purchase a copy of the book by heading over to the book’s online bookstore. By the way, Steven Lebron is an absolutely must Twitter follow. Pure gold.

So with “Steven Lebron, Volume 1” now officially available, Alex took the time to exchange some emails with The Rev and chat with TSFJ about his debut book. Enjoy, and make sure to contact Alex about securing  yourself a copy.

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