Late Bloomers? The Relatively Underwhelming 2013-14 NBA Rookie Class


Take a look back at the rookies of the past five, 10, 15, 20, even 25 years in the NBA, and you’ll find no shortage of impressive rookie seasons. Hell, just take a look at the past quarter-century of Rookie of the Year winners, and you’ll have to look real hard to find players that weren’t, at one point or another, superstars or at least all-star caliber players β€” looking at you, Emeka Okafor!

Even the guys who didn’t develop into household names or all-stars at least had impactful rookie seasons, if nothing else. Take, for instance, Tyreke Evans, who became just the third rookie ever to average at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists a game along with some guys named Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson.

In the last decade alone, we had LeBron, Melo, Wade and Bosh going at it; Chris Paul pushing aside the old guard at the point; the Brandon Roy experience; Kevin Durant, Seattle Supersonic; Derrick Rose restoring faith in Chi-town; Blake Griffin’s belated rookie season of posterization; Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard.

NBA rookies are known to make their mark immediately on the league. So why has that not been the case here so far in the 2013-14 NBA season? I’m not sure, but as it stands, there are only three NBA rookies averaging double digits in points and putting up even remotely decent statistics β€” and all three of them are shooting 40 percent from the field or worse.

Now that we’re officially into 2014 and more than a third of the way through the season, let’s take a look at the 2013 NBA Draft lottery picks, since the only player outside of the lottery doing anything at all is New York’s Tim Hardaway Jr.

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  1. Good stuff here Rev,

    Made some good observations, but it all does go back to all that talk that people had about this being a weak draft (even though the players they considered weak are some of the better of the draw i.e. MCW).

    As far as how these guys are playing out let’s see

    CJ McCollum- I’m a believer but when Portland drafted him I had no idea what they were doing with Lillard there plus the signing of Mo Williams, and then Wesley Matthews has been playing so strong if he ever makes it out of the D-League he’ll most likely be some kind of trade asset. No room in that backcourt.

    MCW- ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, and I stand by that.

    Anthony Bennet- Quite possibly the worst pick in the history of the NBA’s first round (Over Sam Bowie, and possibly levels above Kwame Brown). He seems like such a nice guy though lol.

    Ben McLemore- hit or miss. Possibly a JR Smith/ Nick Young in the making, and I’m actually here for that.

    Everyone else, you’ve said more than enough of.

  2. I agree with all of this.. I was telling my homie the other day that this Rookie class has been pretty quiet. They aren’t super stars but many of them will be long term pieces of stability for some franchises. In a lot of ways it’s like the ’86 draft class. They may eventually be vital pieces to someone’s dynasty but for now they are pretty quiet.
    Good stuff here..

  3. The Cavs just can’t get right, I thought Bennett would at least be effective but…
    MCW has been ballin and Burke on the low, but he was hurt.Can’t really think of an overall weaker class in the last 10 years.

  4. Yes this class has not been impressive, but we can’t be surprised. No one ever said it would be and we all had are fingers crossed it would be some diamonds in the rough.
    What will definitely be an interesting tell will be how many guys that got drafted in the top 10 get picked to play in the rookie sophmore game at all star. My guess is there are only 4 and a possible that are a guaranteed lock out of the 10 that will be picked to play. The others will be guys who are international along with guys that got drafted earlier and this is their first year playing in the league.

    My picks

    Zeller ( that’s my possible)

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