The 5 Reasons Why The Philadelphia Eagles Being In First Place Makes No Damn Sense


This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Philadelphia Eagles, the ushering in of a new regime, a new era and a new philosophy for the organization. The mainstays were cast out, from the coach to the big-name busts to folks in the front office. Everything was new, and new takes time to come together. The 2013 NFL season was supposed to be about building toward the future for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yet here we are, 11 weeks through the season, and the Philadelphia Eagles somehow sit atop the woefully pathetic NFC East. And with a favorable schedule to play out the remainder of the regular season, suddenly a playoff spot does not seem far-fetched for a team that finished 4-12 last season amid turmoil, roster turnover and heads rolling. This makes absolutely no damn sense, and here’s why.

4 Replies to “The 5 Reasons Why The Philadelphia Eagles Being In First Place Makes No Damn Sense”

  1. I don’t know how the Eagles are in 1st place, Chip has done some boneheaded stuff but he has the luxary of playing in the NFC East that helps because this division is one big crab bucket. Not a Chip fan but if he makes the playoffs you have to give him some sort of props.

    1. The funny thing is with Chip Kelly is that he’s not some wizard, he totally understands the game but what I notice with Philly is that they try and do the simple things really well. And then, they try some things that are unconventional, when it doesn’t work….then you look like boo boo the fool. I love Chip, and God help us if that defense ever becomes worth a damn.


      1. Chip knows what he’s doing. Chip is a really good coach. But sometimes Chip does crazy things that he absolutely should not do. Also, Pat Shurmur, in charge of replays, naps during games. I’m convinced of this.

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