3 Questions Hanging Over The Philadelphia Eagles

For the first time in a long time, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of buzz surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles heading into the 2012 NFL season. The entirety of the offseason talk around this team has centered around Michael Vick’s overblown “dynasty” comment and the heart-sick death of Andy Reid’s son, Garrett.

Other than that, the Eagles haven’t gotten much play outside of Philadelphia, a rarity during the Reid era. On an almost annual basis, the Eagles have been one of the most discussed teams in the league. Whether it was the rise and fall of Donovan McNabb, the Terrell Owens acquisition, the surprising MIchael Vick signing and everything in between, the Eagles have made a habit of making headlines across the NFL.

However, that has not been the case here as Reid prepares to lead the Eagles for his 14th season. ESPN has become even more of a parody of itself, spending the entire summer at Jets camp to follow the Tim Tebow story that no one cares about. Peyton Manning’s first season out of the Blue and White has been a hot topic. The Saints have been all over the headlines for obvious reasons. And with Robert Griffin III now leading the Washington Redskins, the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants and the never-ending interest in the Dallas Cowboys all within the division, the Eagles have somehow become an afterthought.

As a man who has followed the Eagles with every waking moment, I understand the tempered enthusiasm and tempered expectations, because this is a team that still has many more question marks than answers heading into the regular season. Here are three of the most pressing ones.

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  1. I admit I had shade when I read the title on Twitter, what can I say I love my boys…good and bad but this is a good critical article. Rev I always enjoy your Philly fan pieces…

    Three quick comments:

    1 – Glad this post was written by an Eagles fan…makes the critiques easier to swallow.

    2 – Thank you Rev for saying what I’ve been saying for the last two years and that is that the O-Line is a key piece and reason for the Eagles success AND failure. I will continue to say that Vick’s “injury proneness” is in part due to the O-line’s inability to work consistently to protect Vick in the pocket. How can the man work on “sliding back” as the Rev mentioned or even making plays when the line breaks before he has time to step back and put a play together…anyway I’ll end there.

    3 – I don’t know why they didn’t replace Castillo. I get it he’s part of the family and he worked well on offense but this team needs a REAL defensive coordinator and while I’m at it a better offensive one (sorry not a fan of my O-line AT ALL okay mainly the center and middle blockers but I digress).

    1. 1 – Appreciate the kind words.

      2 – No doubt the offensive line plays into Vick staying healthy, and without Peters, that task is even more difficult. As far sliding is concerned, I wasn’t really talking about sliding back in the pocket. I’m talking about him sliding to save his life when he takes off. It’s unthinkable that Vick literally does not know how to slide feet-first. How is that possible? I don’t know another healthy human being on the planet that doesn’t know how to slide.

      As a result, he always goes head-first and takes dangerous, unnecessary hits. The fact that he’s 32 and still hasn’t learned that extremely, and I stress EXTREMELY, simple thing is infuriating … it contributes to his injuries. That’s on no one but Vick.

      3 – Forget replacing Castillo … I don’t know why he ever got the job in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense for a team that expects to compete for the Super Bowl to hire a guy who has spent his career coaching offensive line to run the defense. I just don’t get it. At all. And I never will, unless Juan miraculously transforms into a competent coordinator. He very well may, but I don’t see it happening.

    2. 1. So wait….if I would’ve wrote it then you wouldn’t appreciate it? Hmph.

      2. The offensive line has to be better now that Winston Justice is gone. Even with Mike Vick almost dying twice in two consecutive preseason games.

      3. Juan no habla ingles.


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