The 2013 NBA Retirement Manifesto: A Class For The Ages

sheed kobe kidd

Since the calendar flipped over to 2013, five of the most influential basketball players of the 1990s and 2000s formally announced their retirement from the NBA.

First, it was Rasheed Wallace hanging up the laces for what we assume is the last time in April. Then, in a form of poetic justice, 1994 co-Rookies of the Year Grant Hill and Jason Kidd retired just days apart in June, entering the league together and then departing together. And in the past week, two of the most electrifying and star-crossed players of the past decade and a half — Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady — finally listened to their bodies and limped out of the league for good.

Never in my lifetime do I remember five such stars — all extremely unique in their games, personalities and careers — leaving the game at the same time. It’s almost a monumental retirement class, if you will, ranging from players who climbed the summit to those who have fallen far from grace.

All five of these players have left a huge impact on the crew here at The Sports Fan Journal, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t give them — these stars who entertained for more than two decades and enhanced our love for the game — their proper due.

6 Replies to “The 2013 NBA Retirement Manifesto: A Class For The Ages”

  1. I got nostalgic editing it and I’m downright sad now.

    At the same time, I’m thrilled that I came up as a fan on these guys. It’s certainly a memorable chapter in my life as a basketball fan. The only thing that could have made it even better is if KG was joining them. Not because I don’t think he can play anymore, but because then 3 or my 4 favorite players who ever lived would leave together (AI, KG and Sheed).

      1. So there’s another interesting thing to explore. Do all of these guys get in the Hall? I don’t think so. Iverson and Kidd are no doubters … T-Mac should be but people are fickle. And Sheed may have a tough time given his rep, while Hill’s prime was not as long as you’d like at all. Should be an interesting case study in 2018.

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