The Five Things I Learned From The Nike Elite 51 NFL Uniform Launch

This week, I attended Nike’s NFL Uniform Launch, showcasing the changes (or lack thereof, depending on your standpoint) that were made to the jerseys now that they’re the new supplier. As with any experience I have had, I also learned a few things during this exciting event. Here are five important things I took home with during Tuesday’s awesome event.

1. Nike is top-notch at everything.

This isn’t the first Nike event I’ve attended and God willing, it won’t be my last. But I have to give them the ultimate kudos every opportunity I can. I was able to see their Pro Combat unveiling in Dallas back in 2010, and I was sold on Nike being the best at what they do. In my opinion, there’s no competition with overall product, packaging and production. The way Nike takes their events seriously by being so precise and on point is telling. While they could’ve easily sent all media a video unveiling the new Elite 51 uniforms to post on their respected sites,  they instead sent many of us to New York to see the production live and in person. Having big wigs such a President/CEO Mark Parker and GM Kris Aman coming in to give us the background, as well as a tease of the of the new jerseys, was a great segue. Next, selected players from every team came out in their new digs making it the finishing touch on an excellent masterpiece production. Nike knows how to court a blogger, journalist and even consumer, schmoozing them into falling in love with everything they do. Well, you’ve got me, Nike. You had me at hello!

2. The jerseys had more changes than we’d see on the surface.

At first look, I couldn’t really see a major difference in the new jerseys from the old Reebok editions (minus Seattle’s, who had the biggest difference in look). But after a further review, there are minor details that I happened to notice. For instance, there were changes made around the neck line, that had more detail than the Reebok jerseys. There were more internal changes to the jerseys, with built-in technology that keeps the players warm, cool and protected (something the fan wouldn’t see). When talking to players like Bears LB Brian Urlacher and Bengals QB Andy Dalton, they agreed that there was a leaner, lighter feel to the jerseys than the ones from a year ago. There were minor changes, such as belt color and cleat color (BTW, the cleats were AWESOME! ), and the players seemed to like the new attire. (Note: As I woman I have to admit, they looked mighty damn good in them, too! Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.)

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  1. The Seahawks uniform is dope, and the work Nike’s done in the video is impressive. But that pigeon though! Didn’t miss those in New York at all.

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