Shocking The World At The 2012 NFL Draft In New York City

The 2012 NFL Draft has come and gone, but not before I documented my journey as I took part in last week’s big events in New York City. Being an NFL fan is easy and fun, but being an NFL blogger means event after event after event. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, so to give folks insight on how I fared for this year’s draft, I decided to pen everything to share with the readers. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 25th: Pre-Gaming Before The Draft

I arrived in NYC, ready to get the draft events underway. One thing I didn’t do last year was head to Radio City Music Hall to see how long the line is for fans waiting for tickets for tomorrow’s big day. When Steelergurl and I arrived, I was in awe as the line was wrapped around the corner at 7:38 P.M. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that NFL is king, but to see the fans in droves patiently wait for their tickets was amazing. No other sport in this country brings the fan fare the way the football does.

Headed back to the hotel to get ready for the ESPN Pre-Draft Party. There’s a small problem, though; I received the invite for the red carpet event but never received the address from the PR person in charge of the event. Ultimate PR fail! Oh well, I missed the open bar, but my night isn’t a waste. I head to Benny’s in West Village for some margaritas.

Thursday, April 26th: Time To Head To Radio City Music Hall

Finally! The 2012 NFL Draft is here. But before I go to Radio City Music Hall for this evening’s festivities, I head over to the NFL headquarters, as I received a personal invite to meet with the commish as well as view the new facility. Check out the run down on what happened over at HQs by clicking here.

After the NFL HQ tour, Steelergurl and I head over to RCMH. We get our press credentials and find our seats, which were six rows back from the far left stage. Not bad! I take the moment in, as I sit near people I admire and respect such as Mike Freeman (CBS Sports), Aaron Nagler (Cheesehead TV/Bleacher Report) and Matt Miller(NFL Draft Scout) at Bleacher Report.

The best part about the draft always has been the fans. From the ferocious boos at Goodell’s initial walk across the stage, to the “RG3” chants from the waves of Redskins fans while Luck was still on the stage savoring his moment, the fans make it all worthwhile. Typically, Jets fans take over Day One of the draft, but by far, Redskins fans were the HTIC (Head Team In Charge) on this night. Burgundy and gold was everywhere, waiting for the moment when they announce that, in fact, Robert Griffin III was the new QB of their team.

Also on Thursday, we saw a total of eight trades in the first round, something that’s uncommon. Many described this to be a deep draft, with players ranking first round talent dropping to the second round or later. Best part of the night: when fans starting chanting, “OVERRATED!” as Ryan Tannehill walked across the stage after Miami declared him the eighth overall pick of the draft.

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  1. yeah, soooooo…. I’m pretty jealous. Glad my fellow Redskins fans showed out though. Finally, we have something to smile about… a little. *bites nails*

    Good recap – the flag football game in Times Square is a dope idea!

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