The 9 Books We’re Currently Reading In The TSFJ e-Offices Right Now

the fight norman mailer

Title: The Fight

Author: Norman Mailer

Why I’m Reading This Book: Titans of literature from Jack London to Ernest Hemingway and Joyce Carol Oats have fallen in love with and written about boxing. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, Norman Mailer is another key addition to that list. He wrote several pieces about the sweet science, but none as famous as “The Fight.” The book is Mailer’s personal account of the “Rumble in the Jungle” — the fight in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, which cemented Ali’s legendary status amongst boxing heavyweights.  — @FightLikeSugar

Title: Boys Will Be Boys

Author: Jeff Pearlman

Why I’m Reading This Book: Outside of Michael Jordan himself, there may have been no more polarizing sports entity in the ’90s than the Dallas Cowboys. From the partying, the drugs, the women and every level of debauchery known to man, the exploits of “America’s Team” is laid out in full and uncensored detail. And that’s just off the field. The stories of the team’s most loved, hated and recognizable names — Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, etc — and their game-day antics are perhaps even more outrageous. — @JustinTinsley

Title: The Last Season

Author: Phil Jackson

Why I’m Reading This Book: All biases aside in regards to the Los Angeles Lakers, the man who delivered for the purple and gold colored franchise has been one I’ve always admired. While many hold in high regard books in the past like “Sacred Hoops” and more recently “Eleven Rings,” “The Last Season” captures the ultimate clash of personalities while experiencing some success but ultimate failure during the 2003-04 NBA season. — @edthesportsfan

6 Replies to “The 9 Books We’re Currently Reading In The TSFJ e-Offices Right Now”

    1. Ha, I read all sorts of business. I love all the Chuck Palahniuk books (Fight Club author), read tons of sports books, have read all the Best American Sportswriting books, including the one Dillon is reading, just got done Ghandi’s autobiography, “My Experiments With Truth,” and can’t wait to read the JFK book. The more books the merrier.

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Buzz Bissinger and David Halberstam during my days at Penn State. Both men came in and spoke at a lecture for journalism and specifically sports journalism students, which was real cool. This was before Buzz’s meltdowns on blogging and social media, since they were in infancy back then, and Buzz was actually really relaxed and self-deprecating.

    Halberstam was just awesome, talking about everything from sportswriting to Watergate to Vietnam and all sorts of awesome stuff. He was one of the most gracious and informative speakers I ever encountered.

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