The 10 Most Memorable MLB All-Star Game Moments of the Past 20 Years

Norristown native Mike Piazza wins MVP in Philadelphia, 1996
Mike Piazza grew up in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia, as a rabid Phillies fan. In 1996, he had the honor of playing in the All-Star Game at Veterans Stadium, the place he learned to love the game. I’ll never forget it because Piazza, who is perhaps the greatest hitting catcher of all time, participated in the home run derby the night before and didn’t hit a single home run. It was an embarrassing moment, particularly for a guy playing in his hometown.

But Piazza more than made up for it, earning the MVP in the game itself by going 2-for-3 with a home run and RBI double. Not bad redemption.

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    1. I know Pedro isn’t the greatest pitcher of all time. Other men have won more games, had better numbers, won more Cy Youngs and did it longer.

      But I honestly believe that my eyes have never seen a better pitcher in his prime than Pedro. He was everything you could possibly want in a pitcher. I feel privileged to have seen him at his best.

  1. I’m no Bud Selig fan, but I never understood why he was villified for the tie game. The managers went to him and said they had no pitchers left. What was he supposed to do? Managers had taken heat in the past for not getting everyone in the game (which was preposterous). In response to that, they put everyone in and got caught with their pants down when the game went into extra innings.

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