NBA Eastern Conference Coaches Who Vote On All-Star Reserves Are Dumber Than A Bucket Of Slop

josh smith
There have been times when I have chastised NBA fans for the way they vote for the All-Star Game. However, that is why we are fans. We vote for who we like. But more should be expected from coaches because they should know better, but they simply do not. As much as I love the All-Star Game and as much as it has been a staple of my basketball life for over 20 years, there are some things that are absolutely unforgivable. The disgust level with the omissions on the Eastern Conference side is so high that I am boycotting this year's game.

How, how, HOW ON EARTH do J.R. Smith and Josh Smith not make the Eastern Conference reserves? Do these coaches even watch the games? Last year, I hinted at the possibility of Josh Smith being blackballed by the coaches, and this further confirms my hint. The man is having an exceptional year, sans Joe Johnson, and he STILL does not make the All-Star team? They are sixth in the East, yet he still cannot get a fair shake. This is the biggest pile of horseshit I have ever seen when it comes to All-Star teams, and trust, this is not "heat in the moment" talk. Josh Smith still gets a raw deal and still cannot get the respect his play has rightfully earned, because the coaches who vote for reserves, year-in-and-year-out, are dumb as shit.

jr smith
As for J.R. Smith not making it, it is another example of the coaches knowing nothing. He has been the spark plug the Knicks have needed all season, and he has undergone a professional transformation that some people may not have thought possible. He still has his moments of craziness, but if it is not for him, are the Knicks truly the second-best team in the Eastern Conference, especially with 'Melo missing seven games this season? Hell no, and the way the season is going, the Knicks are in position to host the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs. When was the last time the Knicks could say that?

Look, I love Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah. Chandler helped my Dallas Mavericks win a championship two years ago and helped bring the first title parade I have been able to participate in as a grown man. Noah is my dude as well, and the season he is having is impressive. However, what are the coaches basing them making it over Josh Smith on? Is the All-Star Game a game meant for entertainment or for something else? Now I am not saying neither of them should have made it, but the fact that they are the two bigs and Smith is more of a big than anything (to me, he is a hybrid, but that is another story for another day), one of them making it is fine, but both of them over him is unfair. Plus, J-Smoove is doing his fair share to keep the Hawks relevant, which means the coaches should have made this a harder decision, but since they are so incompetent when it comes to voting, it would not surprise me if the selection was easier than it should have been.

As for J.R. Smith, let's be for real. Kudos to the guards who made it, and I imagine there will be backlash from The Rev (Sixers fan) and Tinsley (Kyrie Irving fan), but the Sixers and Cavs have a combined record of 28-57. The Sixers are in ninth place and eight games under .500. The Cavs are in 13th place and 21 games under .500. Those records are pathetic. They are disgraceful. They are putrid. They stink. Even with that, the coaches decide it's best to put two players from bummy-ass, garbage-ass, stankin'-ass teams in the All-Star Game when J.R. Smith, arguably the best sixth man in basketball and a player who is on the second-best team in the East, does not make it? It is a joke, and it is insulting.

Sorry, I know people love The Uncle Drew commercials. Hell, I love them, but unless the man is leading the league in a tangible category or unless he is a transcendent talent, he should not be on the All-Star team over J.R. Smith, period, and the same goes for Jrue Holiday. The Eastern Conference coaches are dumber than a box of shit and have officially driven this fan to say thanks, but no thanks, to the main event of All-Star weekend on Sunday night. Fuck that game.

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  1. What I like about this post is that you take the time to mention who should be removed to accommodate the selections you prefer.

    Chandler and Noah have been good centers. But they ain't ballin'. I expect All Star Centers to be the main difference maker on their team, or at least part of a potent 1-2 punch. Chandler and Noah are 3rd - 4th options on offense. That doesn't get it for me either.

    Josh Smith was hosed. I don't think there's an official blackball, but, his recalcitrant behavior of the past is likely locked in the subconscious of several coaches. He's paid for any past misconduct. Only his play for this year should be under review.

    JR Smith is a tougher call. Should we penalize Holiday and Irving for being on terrible teams? The fact Irving can get off playing with a D-League squad is even more impressive, in my opinion.

    Enjoyed the read, sir.

  2. tell 'em why you mad son!!!

    the NBA has always been on that bull when it comes to rewarding the best players at the mid-way point of the season. There has to be a better way of selecting these players for the game, and truthfully the game itself is loosing steam i suggest they spice it up by naming the two top vote-getters in each conference captains and turn it into a pick up game. Let them along with a celebrity assistant coach and a lucky fan pick the teams. Im willing to bet the interest in the game would spike (even if for only a couple years)

  3. I agree with your additions... I was sure JR Smith and Josh Smith would be chosen. I don't mind the fact that the others were chosen. My problem is with KG and D. Wade making the team. They haven't been anything close to spectacular on any level this year. I'd much rather had a Center like Noah or Lopez as a starter and used that spot for a Josh Smith. I don't think Wade was deserving as a starter this year either. I understand the process, I just don't agree with it.

  4. Leave Kyrie out of this bro. He did nothing to you.

    But Tyson Chandler DEFINITELY deserves to be on the All Star squad. IMO, he should've been the starter, but that's another topic of conversation. He has been the biggest reason for NY transition from a team who couldn't stop anybody on defense to a team who can get stops and looks a lot better on the defensive end.

    His numbers don't pop out, but his value is definitely All Star worthy.

  5. I'm not saying Josh and JR Smith don't deserve to be all-stars. Both have good cases. In fact, I'd put Josh over Chandler in my opinion. However, I completely disagree with you about JR over Jrue or Kryie.

    First of all, the all-star game is about individual success, not team success. Any way you slice it, Jrue and Kyrie have been better than JR in every facet. Plus, Jrue and Kyrie have to literally carry their sorry ass teams, while JR, who is outstanding this season, doesn't have to do that.

    Honestly, I have more of a problem with Steph Curry not making it in the West than either Smith in the East. Josh has been struggling as the Hawks have and is not having a great offensive season, though his defense is nasty. JR is worthy, and I'd put him over Wade, but Jrue and Irving have had to carry the load and frankly have done more overall for their sorry squads. So no, not buying it.

    However, I love Josh Smith and JR Smith. I wish they coulda made it. But for a guy who yelled at me for (rightfully) declaring Chris Paul as the best PG in the game and talking about other PG's deficiencies, you're attacking Jrue and Kyrie because their teams suck through no fault of their own.

      1. Bryan Crawford and I had an interesting conversation about Josh Smith in particular, along with JR Smith...

        We know that the starters of the ASG is a popularity contest, but in reality the reserves selections are also chosen by a popularity contest of sorts....among coaches. If Josh had a squeaky-clean personality, was more personable and didn't have constant flare-ups (like he did a few weeks ago with his coach) then he'd probably be a 2-3 time all-star. JR Smith is a victim of this as well.

      2. How many Sixers and Cavs games you watch? Without Jrue the Sixers would not have a single win. Ditto the Cavs without Kyrie. Pretty sure the Knicks would still be good without JR. Kyrie and Jrue literally have to do EVERYTHING for their teams to just compete. JR has to hit some shots and not make too many dumb decisions.

        Again, I love JR, but you picked the wrong two cats to say he deserved it over. Period.

        1. How is it the wrong two when their teams suck? I don't care how good they've been. Their teams are horrible and that means their asses shouldn't be in the game.

          1. You're basically saying any player on a losing team, no matter if he's having a better season individually or not, should not make it over players on winning teams. That's what you're saying.

          2. Kyrie Irving: 22.3 PER, 23.7 ppg, 5.7 apg, 1.8 spg, 3.6 rpg, 46.7% fg, 39.9% tp, 84.1% ft

            Jrue Holiday: 18.90 PER, 19.0 ppg, 9.0 apg, 1.4 spg, 4.2 rpg, 45.4% fg, 36.4% tp, 78.2% ft

            JR Smith: 15.66 PER, 16.5 ppg, 2.9 apg, 1.4 spg, 5.1 rpg, 40% fg, 32.6% tp, 79.9% ft

            JR is scoring the least, is the worst shooter, plays the least and has less of an impact per PER. He's statistically worse than Holiday and Irving in virtually every aspect except rebounding.

            Oh, his team is better so he's having a better season. That's right … please.

            Might as well put Jason Kidd, Ray Allen and anyone else whose team has a great record on the team too.

            JR is a good player and having a good season, a real good season, but not an all-star season.

            We're going to agree to disagree on this one, but your whole argument seems to be that his team is better so he deserves it, despite this being an individual honor and his individual effect on the game is not as impactful as Irving and Holiday.

  6. Okay, now that's silly logic. Jason Kidd and Ray Allen are not having All-Star quality seasons.

    Once again, JR Smith is arguably the best sixth man in the game of basketball and provides offense for the Knicks AND stepped up when Melo has been out. On top of that, they're second in the East. You conveniently left those out in your analysis.

    There are players every year who play well and don't make the All-Star Game when their teams stink. Why should Jrue Holiday and Kyrie Irving be treated any different? Their teams suck. Okay, so if they're not there, they go from putrid to pathetic? Awful is awful.

    I look at team success and then individual success. The Sixers suck. Even you've said that. The Cavs are a joke. The Knicks are playing great. JR should be there over the both of them.

    1. You conveniently left out that Jrue and Kyrie are better at virtually everything on a basketball court than JR Smith, so I guess it's a matter of perspective. Simple fact is Jrue and Kyrie are having better individual season and do more on the court than JR.

      Another fact is that JR Smith's TEAM has a better record. I repeat, the all-star game is an individual honor, not a team honor. Bench players don't make all-star teams. That's the way it is.

      1. Kyrie is the number one scoring option on a Cavs team that has who else as a legitimate offensive threat? Dion Waiters and Sideshow Bob? Please.

        I love the fact that Holiday averages nine dimes and the Sixers are pretty balanced, but they still stink. Wait, how is a roster like theirs, with Collins coaching, eight games under .500? And don't say it's because they don't have Andrew Bynum, because that's horseshit.

        And how do I know that Kyrie and Jrue at better at virtually everything on a basketball court than JR Smith? Because of those numbers you posted? JR Smith averages more boards than Holiday, is a slightly better FT shooter and averages as many steals. Okay, so he doesn't score as much, but Holiday also doesn't play with Carmelo freaking Anthony.

        As for Irving, the Cavs are 21 games under .500. I don't give a damn about his stats. His team sucks. For all we know, he may simply be a good player on a bad team. I'm not drinking the kool-aid.

        1. How is a roster like the Sixers' stink? Because no one outside of Jrue and Thad Young knows how to play basketball or can stay healthy.

          J-Rich is old and not hitting shots. Dorell Wright forgot how to play ball. Nick Young can't play ball, but he can shoot a little. Their bigs are garbage. Evan Turner is still inconsistent as all hell. And Doug Collins is doing his "3rd year players tune me out" thing.

          I know, New York, Bright lights, Flashy JR Smith = all-star to most folks, but I thought you were better than that Kenny.

          1. Evan Turner being inconsistent as all hell doesn't surprise me. I tried to tell you about him two years ago when I said you can find one of him in every gym, and I got ridiculed for that.

            If the Sixers had, at least, a respectable record, then I would be all for Jrue being selected as an All-Star.

  7. Your argument is that Kyrie and Jrue shouldn't be All Stars because their teammates suck? How does the fact that J.R. Smith has better teammates make him better than those other guys? It doesn't.

  8. Yeah and you could argue that JR Smith is having a better season because of the Knicks rather than the Knicks are having a better season because of him. He's a sixth man which means that he's playing against other teams' benches a lot of the time. Not to mention he has teammates that draw attention away from him namely Carmelo. Starting point guard is a much more difficult position to play, and Holiday and Irving are outperforming JR anyway.

      1. Ok, that's gonna be enough damn Kyrie bashing right now. I understand you're upset about JR and Josh. Go back on some of the old UC Shows and I'm right there with you on the JR bandwagon. I even tweeted Pres. Obama numerous times to free JR. So I'm with you.

        But dammit. You're Kyrie bashing must stop.

        As the Rev has stated over and over, ASG selections are based off INDIVIDUAL performances. And I hate to break it to you, through the first 90 days of THIS season, Kyrie has been one of the 15 best players in basketball. Yes, his team sucks, but you know what, he'll pay that price when Cleveland is sitting on the couch and JR and and Josh are BOTH in the playoffs because their TEAMS are better.

        Frontcourt wise, I thought Josh deserved it over Chris Bosh. I'll give that. But if you're gonna sit here and tell me JR deserved one of those backcourt slots OVER Kyrie, then well, let me go purchase Manti Te'o book on dating advice.

  9. And another thing, if I'm not mistaken, Kyrie came to MSG and gave that ENTIRE Knicks squad the business to the tune of 41-5-5. Only reason they lost was because Varejao missed a free throw at the end. And because JR's Knicks are a better team. Keyword being TEAM. Put JR on the Cavs and put Kyrie on the Knicks and watch what happens.

    It's also not Jrue's fault the team traded away their best perimeter defender for a guy who was supposed to be the cornerstone center. That same cornerstone center who has completely lost his mind trying to mimic every hairstyle seen on the poster that's in EVERY barbershop in America.

    Screw all this though, I'm just gonna leave this here.

      1. No you don't. You make Curry a wild card slot. For one, the West doesn't need FOUR power forwards. That's six big men in total (including Blake and Dwight). They're going up against the East, not the Monstars.

        G - Westbrook
        G - Harden
        FC - Lee
        FC - Duncan
        FC - Gasol/Rudolph (I side Gasol, but whoever you want)
        WC - Curry
        WC - Parker (or Jamal Crawford)

        And there's the West reserves, IMO.

        1. Part of the allure of picking a team is picking by position. The West doesn't necessarily need six big men, but they have six big men. They don't have as many guards, but since Curry is a guard, naturally, if you're going to include him, take one of the selected reserve guards off the list.

          1. No, that's what I'm saying, there wasn't a need for six big men. They picked their big men by position with those three frontcourt positions. There wasn't a need to add another with a wildcard spot (which is up for grabs whether it be a guard, forward or center).

            But to answer your question, if I'm forced to take away a guard, I'm taking off Tony Parker and adding Curry.

  10. The crux of the debate boils down to something having to be done about the fans vote; If you take Garnett and D Wade off the starting line up, I doubt they would have been voted in, then there becomes space for Lopez and either Josh Smith or J.R. Smith and EVERYONE is happy!!!

    I am just glad that the China contingency didnt get out of control this year and vote Jeremy Lin in as a West starter; all hell would have broken loose on that one.

  11. At least the coaches in the West didn't put Jeremy Lin in there so we at least avoided THAT controversy. And to say Kyrie didn't deserve it is blasphemous considering he's been hurt and has been dragging that cadaver of a Cavs squad (that became even more of one with Varajeo hitting IR) as best as he can. Best player on a sorry Cavs squad, where have I heard that before?

    But let's be real here - we're talking about an All-Star Game, where competitive edge doesn't exist until the fourth quarter and the first three are pretty much a highlight reel. Yeah, it's always a tough spot to pick who truly deserved it.

    For that, J.R. Smith deserved to be an All-Star and so did Jamal Crawford. Both of them are going 1-2 for Sixth Man of the Year and right now that West All-Star team looked like the Rockets for awhile with all those damn forwards. Smith for what its worth plays less minutes and is asked to do one thing for the Knicks - score and he's the #1 scorer in the league for a bench player.

    I can understand Jrue Holiday making it for averaging 19-9 for a Sixers squad without Bynum but for the LIFE OF ME I can't understand why Steph Curry didn't make it. Or Brook Lopez who's put up a better body of work than Bosh has all season.

    At least we're getting James White in the Dunk Contest so...

  12. I understand that basketball is a team sport, but the all-star game is and never has been a team accomplishment. It's an individual accomplishment.

    That's why people weren't upset when Blake Griffin made the all star team as a rookie on a clipper team light years away from today's clipper team. That's why people were mad that Kevin love didn't make the all star team when he was having that remarkable year in the midst of the wolves being less than competitive a couple years back. That's why CB4 was able to make all-star teams in Toronto. The list goes on and on proving that historically team play hasn't mattered all that much.

    Why all of sudden are people in an uproar? Why all of a sudden should individual stars be punished for the failure of the organization?

    With that said, I'll ask two questions concerning J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving. Is J.R. a better basketball player than Kyrie? If he was, he would have been in Vegas practicing with Lebron 'nem this past summer. Is J.R. Smith having a better year individually than Kyrie? Nope.

    1. There was a contingent (foolishly or otherwise) who also thought Blake Griffin was the best power forward in the League at that time, too. That goes along with the transcendent talent part earlier. He was that amazing that even though he was on a stink team, I understood his inclusion. Granted, I thought Z-Bo should have been there, but I wasn't gonna raise hell about it.

      Kyrie Irving is good, but I don't think he's a transcendent talent. He's a good player on a shit team with some cool commercials. Sorry, but I don't think that = All-Star when there's another guard who is deserving, who is on a contending team, but he gets left off for Uncle Drew.

  13. What this really comes down to is David Stern removing the Center position from the ballot. Had this not been done, I'm sure everyone would agree, Tyson Chandler would've been voted as the starter and KG would have been left off the roster.

    As far as the Smith's not being named: Josh has been black balled by the league because of his image (same reason Cousins will never make it), JR is nowhere close to being an all-star sir. There are some guards/wings who are more deserving than JR Smith that didn't make it; Pierce, Ellis, Jennings.

    The real snub is the 7 foot small forward Brook Lopez, his numbers trump Chris Bosh in every way while playing only 29 mpg.

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