Shocking The World At Wrigley Field

A few weeks ago, I went to a Sunday afternoon Phillies game with my friends Matt and Pete. During what was yet another loss in a season full of far too many losses, Pete told us how he was going to Chicago on a business trip in a few weeks and extending his stay in the Windy City through the weekend with the intention of taking in a game at Wrigley Field.

Every baseball fan alive grows up wanting to catch a game at Wrigley Field. Along with Fenway Park, and maybe the now-demolished old Yankee Stadium, Wrigley encompasses the long tradition of baseball. With its ivy along the outfield, the lore of being the last MLB stadium to get lights and the infamous words of Ernie Banks joyously proclaiming, “Let’s play two,” Wrigley is one of the holy grails in sports. Naturally, as my buddy divulged his plans to us, Matt and I couldn’t help but be envious. We both spoke up and said how awesome that would be and how we both want to get out there for a game at some point.

Just like that, Pete suggested we fly out on the weekend and bunk up with him in Chicago, and before you knew it, we were booking a flight from Philadelphia to Chicago Midway for Friday, August 10, with the plan to fly into Chicago Friday night, do some drinking, head to Wrigley on Saturday for the Cubs-Reds game and roam the city for watering holes and grub, and then fly back home on Sunday โ€” no vacation days necessary.

Finally, the time to make my first formal visit to Chicago had come. Except due to some crazy storms, our scheduled 7:50 departure time got pushed back about two hours some four hours early, meaning our drinking time in the Windy City would be slightly decreased Friday night. However, the delay proved to be a blessing in disguise for a couple of reasons.

For starters, it allowed me to get some much-needed rest after a gauntlet of travel and fun the prior two weeks. You see, since the calendar flipped over to August (and actually before that), I have been basically getting no sleep. Starting on Wednesday, August 1, I went to three music shows in four days, drank entirely too much alcohol and got very little rest. The following week, I had to head down to Washington, D.C., and National Harbor, Maryland, for a business trip on Wednesday and Thursday, return to Philadelphia Thursday evening, then go out to a celebratory happy hour that turned into an all-night drinking fest with my friend who is moving down to Baltimore in a few short weeks. Then I had to turn right around, with a hangover and little rest, go to work, then get on a plane to Chicago for another weekend of fun.

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  1. You painted a perfect picture.

    In Cincinnati, we had a choice of building the new baseball stadium in a neighborhood to get the Fenway/Wrigley experience or downtown along the highways where people can enter and exit quickly. Over my objections, the downtown location was chosen (guess I don’t have the kind of pull I thought I did). The Reds have heavy support from seniors. They have no interest in buses, barhopping, babes and bratwursts. They want to get in and get out fast.

    I was also puzzled by the Travis Wood weirdness. I’ll give the manager the benefit of the doubt and assume that Wood took himself out of the game after he batted for himself. Otherwise, like you said, it’s just too stupid a move for words.

    Rev, you’re welcome to join the Cincy bandwagon while your team is down. The Ohio – Phili connnection has a rich history, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt and Eddie George just to name a few. I wish I could invite you here for a fun time, but all I can offer is that we’ll be back in the car and on the highway 10 minutes after the game is over. Great read.

    1. I hear you on the stadium business. Here in Philadelphia, it’s convenient that the subway literally drops you off at the stadium area and it’s cool that Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field and the Wells Fargo Center are all in one spot, but there’s literally nothing around the stadium area.

      They did just build an Xfinity Live that has some bars, and there are a couple little spots close by, but for the most part, it’s isolated to its own space. It would be cool if it was either in a nice neighborhood area, or the waterfront, but like it sounds like is the case in Cincy, it’s right off the highway, with people high-tailing it out of there after the game.

      That’s what’s so awesome about Wrigley, having it right in the middle of the neighborhoods with lots to do around there. And the atmosphere is incredible. Like I said, I loved my visit to Chicago.

  2. I’ve been to Wrigley once and it was amazing. Great experience. Haven’t been since they have added the lights. Sounds like good times were had. Great post. Felt like I was there with you

  3. AMEN! Great writeup man. See you there next summer, we’ll do it again with some better intel and a little more time at security & otherwise.

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