Here's The Epic LeBron James Nike Commercial We've All Been Waiting For

We knew it was coming.

First, it was the Beats By Dre commercial. Then it was the McDonald's commercial. There was the Sprite commercial too. The returning of LeBron James' talents to the Cleveland Cavaliers meant more than just putting on the wine and gold from four-plus years ago; it meant that the egregious pomp and circumstance that comes with The King returning to northeast Ohio would be recognized to the highest degree. That can only mean one thing …

... an epic Nike commercial.

The NBA season kicked off on Tuesday night, but Thursday evening is the day all basketball fans have circled on the calendar. The Cleveland Cavaliers will host the New York Knicks at the Quicken Loans Arena. To some, it will feel like a brand new experience, but for the rest of us, it'll be the return of the man who made us actually give a damn about basketball in Cleveland. For just over two minutes in a commercial, the city of Cleveland comes back together as they rally around the return of the King. Well done, Nike, and thank the Jesus Shuttlesworth that basketball is officially back.

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7 Replies to “Here's The Epic LeBron James Nike Commercial We've All Been Waiting For”

  1. I feel in my heart of hearts, that if he brings a chip to CLE, it will put him in the Pantheon alone.

    He tore the city's heart out then...came back and reignited the city again.

  2. I still REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY hate that Dan Gilbert is profiting from all this...

  3. I have Lived in OHIO all my life and live in Canton. I have watched this man from the time he was playing in middle school all the way until he left for Miami! I knew he would come back and do the right thing for himself and his family. It will happen soon(a champinship), it maybe this year or next give it time. And for Chuck if it was not for Dan Gilbert buying this team when he did who knows where we could be!!! A owner is just that an owner trying to get to the next level. And making a profit along the way, is no different than one of us trying to make a living. GO CAVS!!! Bring it HOME!!!

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