Bonta And Eddie: Why Stephen Curry’s MVP Matters And We Relive The #MayPac Experience

On this edition of The Versus Podcast, Bonta and Eddie try to wrap up the craziest weekend in sports history as the NBA, boxing, NFL Draft and the horses all vied for our attention. First, we pay the proper respect to Stephen Curry winning his 2014-15 NBA MVP award and discuss the Golden State Warriors trouncing the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of their second series. Then, we go back to the “Fight of the Century” and discuss all the shenanigans and tomfoolery that took place in the ring with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, along with the hijinks that took place outside the ring involving Floyd and Manny. Let’s make some fun history.

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One Reply to “Bonta And Eddie: Why Stephen Curry’s MVP Matters And We Relive The #MayPac Experience”

  1. It is undeniable that Curry is deserving of the MVP award this season. Really, 5 players: Russ, Davis, Lebron, Curry, and Harden could make a case for the award. Russ played tremendously without both Serge and KD, winning the scoring title and dominating the last 2 weeks of the regular season posting triple doubles in his sleep. Anthony Davis was a beast all season showing flashes of complete dominance and proved he will be in the discussion for MVP every year he laces it up. Lebron is Lebron… he took a mediocre team with a trigger happy point guard and made them into a top team in the East as well as a competitor overall. He is the best player in the world and much like Michael, fatigue has set in on awarding him year in, year out. Curry was a sight to see this year. Statistically, he was incredible. On the floor he was an absolute genius with the rock and a sniper from everywhere on the hardwood. Unlimited range and a craftiness not possessed by the average NBA Star, he should be recognized.
    Nevertheless, this brings me to James Harden. This will upset a lot of people but if I had a vote James Harden would be my MVP. Gasp! I’m no Rockets fan so I can say with complete impartiality that I think he is most deserving of the award. To operate with the level of efficiency James Harden did this year shouldn’t go unnoticed. He is the perfect player for what the current NBA demands of its players. He gets to the rim, earns his living at the foul line, and can light you up from deep space. Now, I can already hear the clamoring about how he doesn’t play D or how the refs bail him out, but those are arguments for the past. The refs calls are out of his control and he shouldn’t be persecuted for getting to the line. His Defensive Effort greatly improved this year and he had to play the majority of the season without his big man and former defensive player of the year Dwight Howard, yet still managed to secure the number 2 seed in the competitive West.
    In conclusion, if the MVP was all about stats, Curry is your guy; but as far as I’m concerned James Harden did more with less so he is my guy. Just like Kobe (the better player) got snubbed by Steve Nash (the more important player to his team) back in the day for MVP, I believe James Harden should snake the MVP away from the highly talented Stephen Curry. Take Steph off the Warriors and that team has a solid foundation with Klay, Bogut, Iggy, and rising role players Barnes/Green and could compete for a 6th-8th seed in the West. Take Harden off the Rockets and Houston is devastated and probably wouldn’t be over .500 let alone contend for a playoff spot.

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