The Real 2012-13 College Football Preseason All-American Team

Over the past month you’ve probably seen numerous Preseason All-America Team lists produced by countless publications across these here internets. However, over the last four years, no one has meticulously been as biased, unremorseful and downright stubborn when it comes to putting together the definitive (yeah right) college football preseason All-American team as yours truly.

This is the the 2012-13 edition of the REAL college football preseason all-american team. Prepare to be happy, or mad, or just look at me in amazement as I put together who will thrive this college football season.

6 Replies to “The Real 2012-13 College Football Preseason All-American Team”

  1. Good picks for the most part. Only a couple that I disagree with..

    First TE – Tyler Eifert is a beast and will put up amazing numbers for ND this year.

    I like Sammy Watkins as wide receiver but I would have picked Robert Woods from USC or my Heisman sleeper this year Tavon Austin from West Virginia. Austin was the best player on the field when Clemson and WVa. met in the bowl last year.

    Also good picks at defensive back. However TJ McDonald from USC and Eric Reid from LSU would have been in my secondary.

    Other than that it looks really solid to me.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Giovanni Bernard doesn’t make some noise for that RB spot. Don’t forget Kniles Davis is back at Arkansas this year. If he is 100% he is better than all of these guys.

    1. Man, I’m with you on Knile Davis. I’m a big fan of that kid. I’m just skeptical on how he’s gonna return after that injury. Then Marcus Lattimore does work last night and I’m more convinced that Davis will run wind sprints all season.

  2. Ed, I don’t know what to say to you so I’ll wait until mid-season when you’re proven as wrong as Kirk Herbstreit once again.

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