The 5 Shoes I Plan To Buy Once I Can Walk Again

Last weekend here in Cincinnati, I prepared to go out with a few of my buddies and hit the town and have some drinks after a long work week. I was tired and needed some libation. However, Mother Nature was being a tad temperamental and wanted to grace us with her presence by constant rain and cold weather. Now when you mix freezing cold weather and rain, things can tend to get icy. You the steps in front of my house. Yep, it didn't end well for your boy.

Fractured fibula. Surgery on my ankle. Oh boy.

So, for the next four weeks I'm pretty much on house arrest as I can't put any weight on my right foot. That means I can't drive. The good thing is that I get to work from home, but there's only so many times I can watch SportsCenter in the morning.

One thing that I realized that I don't get to do is wear some of my favorite sneakers. Over the course of the last 2-3 years I've had the opportunity to grow my shoe collection (thank you Nike, adidas and Converse for your gratitude) and with this injury I'm not able to wear some of my favorite kicks. Also, being at home so much also allows me to surf the internet (even more) and one of the things I find myself doing is perusing sneaker sites and wanting to buy more shoes. This seems counter-intuitive, but I figure when I get back to 100% I want my shoe game to be proper.

So here are the five shoes that I plan on buying, once I have the ability to walk again without the use of a wheelchair or crutches. Pray for your boy.

1. Dickies x Converse Chuck Taylor AS Classic Boot Hi - These are actually the shoes that I did the damage to my leg in. I'm debating on buying another pair or cleaning them up and rocking them again because they could quite possibly be cursed. I'm still traumatized from the fall and I haven't bothered to clean the mud off of them after I fell down the steps so....we'll see about these.

2. Nike Zoom KD IV - I've talked about this shoe on this site before, and its about time I picked up a pair of these kicks. They're under $100, they've got a clean look that would allow me to wear these at the gym or at a house party. Plus, its all about the hometown. #ThunderUp!

3. Under Armour Highlight Compfit - I have already adopted Cam Newton as "my guy" in the NFL and whenever I scored a touchdown this season in flag football I did the guitar-strum on one knee then did the "Superman" like Cam did in week one. So, when I get healthy I'm going to need some new cleats as I'm reliving my glory days on the gridiron. I'm sure these cleats won't draw any eyeballs. Yep.

4. Nike LeBron 9 "Cool Grey's" - I've been wanting a pair of LeBron's since the 6's but have never pulled the trigger. When I saw the LeBron 8 "Cool Grey's" I damn near salivated on myself. This spring, I'm going to have these on my feet and hopefully someone will be nice and call me "King Ed."

5. adidas Superstar 2.0 - A classic shoe that should be in everyone's closet, I think I'm going to add a fresh pair to the closet and save these for those cookouts, baseball games and grocery store trips this Spring. Can't go wrong with these, ever.

2 Replies to “The 5 Shoes I Plan To Buy Once I Can Walk Again”

  1. good diverse collection of shoes...

    I hate saying it but for the mostpart I am a Nike whore...
    I have a preliminary list of shoes I will be purchsing over the next year
    1. Lebron 9s Big Bangs- Just something about the orange calls my name and i can pull out my Nolan Ryan Jersey and kill them

    2. Air Jordan VI Maroon and white- these go back to my childhood of not being able to get 100+ sneakers, i had envisioned getting these and a phillies jersey to rock to summer camp, but that was before consulting with my parents, and they killed my dream... As an adult i got the jersey and had always been hoping they would re-release these BINGO!!!

    3. Air Jordan IV Bred- another shoe from my childhood, my cousin gave me his pair and while i was a half-size to small i rocked the hell out of them now that i can get them in my real size come black friday im excited

    4. a pair of blue/gray sneakers havent decide which kind but i gotta represent for my Lions this year SUPER BOWL on deck!!! lol

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