The 5 Reasons The Memphis Grizzlies Should Scare Everyone

You remember back in high school when there was always that one kid who was cool with a lot of people? Everyone knew not to mess with him though because, for whatever reason, he just had "don't fuck with me" written on his forehead. The entire school knew it without even saying a word. Well, yeah, that was until someone actually did and proceeded to have the Hands of God laid upon him. In a roundabout sense, this represents the 2012-2013 Memphis Grizzlies. They're young (for the most part), rugged and as the great Negro leader Tupac Shakur eloquently once said in his first acting gig, Juice, they simply "don't give a fuck."

Hence this being the reason Ed and I are penning this beautiful piece of American literature. We were humbled. In the same week. In two games that really weren't even close. Ed's favorite team - the Oklahoma City Thunder - fell victim to the traveling band of goons from Memphis Wednesday night 107-97 in a game that never really saw Kevin Durant (the second best player in the league), Russell Westbrook Hard and company make it a game in the second half. This past Sunday, the Griz mollywhopped Miami - led by the best player on the planet - to the tune (pun intended) of 104-86.

So yeah, Memphis beat the hell out of the two teams left standing last June and did it in a fashion where neither one of us could say, "Yeah, but ..." No one's proclaiming Memphis finishes the season 81-1, nor are we saying they finish as the top seed. But the message has been heard loud and clear even before Thanksgiving turkeys began being seasoned. Memphis is here. And the entire league best take notice. The following pages represent five reasons Ed and I believe why you should be afraid of this Memphis team. Very effing afraid.

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  1. I'm ashamed to say I haven't caught a Grizz game yet this season, but I'm really looking forward to it. This is one of those teams I really like.

    And with all due respect to Mike Conley - who does a good job - and my man JAG, imagine if the Grizzlies would have decided to keep my man Kyle Lowry instead of Conley. Even tougher and scarier.

    The Grizzlies are for real no doubt.

  2. Good post but I would take the Atlanta Hawks in that fight..

    Al Horford, Ivan Johnson, DeShawn Stephenson, Josh Smith are all guys I would put up against any in the league. Ivan Johnson and Zach Randolph might be pay per view worthy.

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