Starting Lineups: Where Do The Chicago Bulls Go From Here?

I'm just glad the series is over.

This is no dis to the Philadelphia 76ers and the remaining members of the Chicago Bulls, but watching those two teams play basketball for six games was enough for me. That series was as an excruciating of an experience as I can remember when it comes to playoff series are concerned. The 76ers were just mediocre enough to squeak out four wins as the Bulls partook in what seemed to be a real life demolition derby.

There's one question for both the Bulls organization and the fans that support them must be prepared to answer: Where do the Bulls go from here?

Three things to ponder...

1) Derrick Rose isn't going to be healthy until at least the end of the 2013 season. If he's capable of returning for the 2013 NBA playoffs, do you even risk playing him? If the answer is no, then...

2) Do the Bulls go out and get a PG rental? Could a player like Jason Kidd or Steve Nash be up for consideration to run the show while Rose rehabilitates?

3) Do you use the Amnesty Clause to improve the roster overall? Sometimes they say less is more, but in this case amnestying (is that a word?) Carlos Boozer's max contract could free up money to re-sign key players (Asik, Gibson) and bring in some additional pieces. Asking the owner to eat $47 million over the next three years is a lot, but so is the fleeting chance of winning an NBA title.

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2 Replies to “Starting Lineups: Where Do The Chicago Bulls Go From Here?”

  1. The real question for me, as a Sixers fan: Where do the Sixers go from here? Let's face it, they beat a No. 1 that wasn't really that No. 1 team - no Rose, no Noah, other guys hurt. If management thinks that advancing against that Bulls squad is progress that proves the team is moving in the right direction, I'm terrified.

    I think Chicago will be fine. Maybe they have to put next season on hold, and using the amnesty on Boozer wouldn't hurt, but the Bulls have been at the head of the East with whichever team LeBron is on. Unless Rose doesn't ever get healthy. Then they're in trouble.

  2. The Bulls got decisions to make. They can't amnesty Boozer until they try it again with this roster as is. I think they can bring everyone back and make a run in the East, barring something spectacular from the Knicks (Phil Jackson, anyone?) and the Heat being a PG away from a dynasty (Nash please), the Bulls will have a chance to do something.

    The big issue is what happens to Luol's wrist. He wants to play in the Olympics and will wait until that's done to have surgery (needed surgery) on his wrist. That would probably mean that he and Rose would be out for a significant period next year. That's Batman and Robin,....and this ain't the Justice League or the X-men, they don't have any help.

    So they would be looking at a starting 5 of CJ Watson, Rip, Korver, Boozer, and Noah. (As I type this my expectations are getting lower and lower) Even with the Bulls bench, that doesn't sound like too many wins. So I guess they play .500 ball until Rose gets back and sneak into the playoffs. Still no scoring from the 2 guard spot.

    Rev, they done as this team is constructed. Dayum.

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