Starting Lineups: The Grizzlies Give Up The Ghost; Clippers Comeback For 99-98 Win

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I was already thinking about Monday. Most of you were already asleep.

The Memphis Grizzlies had a sound 22-point advantage, fans were already headed out of the FedEx Forum to see what Beale Street was talking about, and Caron Butler had already went in the locker room to put his three-piece suit on. The game was over.

Of course, no one told Reggie Evans, Nick Young, Eric Bledsoe and Chris Paul that.

Reggie Evans started boxing out and grabbing rebounds like his life depended on it, Nick Young started raining threes as only someone who was self-nicknamed "Swaggy" can, and Eric Bledsoe started putting pressure on the ball-handlers to no end. Of course, Chris Paul evidently told head coach Vinny Del Negro to "give us a chance" and "to fall back; we got this." So, yeah; apparently, Chris Paul is now the point guard and the player/coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

A 28-3 run in the fourth quarter, and the Clippers lead the Grizzlies 1-0 in the playoff series. More words from Paul to Craig Sager:

“It’s a shame when you see how we can play at the end of the game. We’re going to look at the tape and see how we came out so lethargic at the beginning of the game, but it’s a good win for us. It got a little emotional out here because of that, but we have to get our composure back and get us ready for Game Two.” -- Chris Paul

Oh, and after he was done, Paul roasted Craig Sager about his suit. "Its not Easter anymore though." Unbelievable.

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3 Replies to “Starting Lineups: The Grizzlies Give Up The Ghost; Clippers Comeback For 99-98 Win”

  1. I honestly had no idea the Clips came back until I came here. When I went to sleep, they Grizzlies were up 19. Wow. Guess I should have known better given the way the Celtics came storming back against Atlanta, albeit coming up short and Rondo losing his damn mind.

    So glad to have the NBA playoffs back.

    1. Man, I was just sitting there writing, peeking my eyes up occasionally.

      The lead got down to 16 and I was like, "good for them to keep fighting."

      Then the lead got to 12 and I was like, "the Grizzlies better stop playing."

      Then the lead got to 9 and I was like, "This is a f*cking game."

      Then the lead got to 6 and I was like, "The Clippers are going to give up the ghost."

      Nick BLEEPING Young and Reggie BLEEPING Evans brought the Clippers back from the depths of hell to win that game. Craziest shit I've ever seen.


      1. Don't forget, this isn't the first time Reggie Evans played playoff hero. He became a cult figure here in Philadelphia for the work he put in against the Detroit Pistons in 2008. He can't do much beyond rebound and agitate, but he's damn good at both of those things.

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