Starting Lineups: Remembering Roy Jones, Jr. Vs. Bernard Hopkins In 1993

I watched this entire fight after staying up way too late to watch the Memphis Grizzlies trick off another game versus the Los Angeles Clippers. It's the wondrous ways of Youtube; it's amazing that these gems can be found at a moment's notice. I was having an argument with folks in the barbershop about the greatness of Roy Jones Jr., and these young whippersnappers said that Roy wasn't a top ten all-time fighter.

I about lost my mind. So I loaded up the clip of Jones vs. Bernard Hopkins in 1993, and figured I'd share with the people. Just a couple of things to share while watching this hour-long clip that I don't expect anyone to watch.

1. Jim Lampley looks scarily young.
2. Larry Merchant looks scarily the same.
3. I have no idea who Gil Clancy is.
4. Bernard Hopkins' "Executioner" outfit is ten times more awesome almost 20 years later.
5. Roy Jones was even better than I remembered.
6. Watching Bernard Hopkins fight with such pace is borderline mind-blowing.
7. Roy Jones was definitively ahead of his time.
8. This was the undercard for the Riddick Bowe fight vs. Jesse Ferguson

I have more I could say, but I'd be interested to hearing the people's thoughts on this one. Is Roy Jones a top ten all-time fighter? Let us know as you go over your pertinent reading material this Tuesday.

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11 Replies to “Starting Lineups: Remembering Roy Jones, Jr. Vs. Bernard Hopkins In 1993”

  1. Him and Floyd the best fighters I have witnessed during my lifetime.. there are a few other greater but nobody touch them in their prime.

  2. Man these young cats just don't know. Roy's reflexes at his peak were unbelievable. Sadly that helped lead to his downfall, thinking he still had it, when in fact he did not. It's also worth noting, when Bernard beat Trinidad, Tito was 1 of the best boxer's on the planet and B Hop kicked his ass.

  3. I think roy is easily a top ten 23 so i was like 3-8yrs old during his prime but even i kno his greatness because ive made it my business to catch up from last time watching all the fights i can of his....his speed, reflexes, charisma, and gof given talent are the first things you notice within minuted of any of his fights in his prime....YALL MUST HAVE FORGOY

  4. I agree that RJJ is among the greatest boxers of all time.
    It's a legitimate argument. He, unfortunately, fought in a time when boxing started to lose it's century-long popularity, and in a weight class that does not, and never has, gotten much attention. Not many big named boxers come out of the "Light-Heavyweight" Division. Unless there are a group of good fighters within the same weight-class, during the same time, if you're not a heavyweight, you won't get much attention. For example, in the 80s, the lighter divisions got popular because of Leonard, Hearns, Hagler & Duran. But this is esp. true for the light heavyweights. If you wanted recognition, you had to move up to heavyweight (Archie Moore, Michael Spinks, Jerry Quarry, Evander Holyfield, etc.).

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