Starting Lineups: My Twitter Sabbatical For Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

I've been known to tweet my life away when my squad is on the Hoshitoshi 5000.

Not being in Oklahoma makes it tough to stay connected with my fellow Oklahoma City Thunder fans, and along with the rest of the basketball fan universe, being on Twitter is akin to going to the bar, Buffalo Wild Wings or any watch party at a partner's house when watching the game.

However, there's something to be said in watching the game at the house by yourself. Yes, you could "watch" the game with people while being engaged on Twitter. That's what I do the majority of the time. Yet, there are times where you need to have the ability to bunker down and watch the game by your lonesome. No one else can convolute your own thoughts, and you are free from distraction.

So what did I do? I went on a one-game Twitter Sabbatical. I sat in my hotel room in the Bay Area, fresh from a job interview (cross your fingers). Ordered some room service, shut the windows, turned my phone off, turned off the lights, and watched the game.

Just call me Ed The Hermit Fan.

The ups and downs of game one don't need my commentary from you; you've received plenty already in the last 12+ hours of my writing this. Just know that I was celebrating, yelling, kicking and screaming, and doing all the things that my mother would cuss me out for doing in such an egregious fashion. 3 more wins. #TTFU.

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4 Replies to “Starting Lineups: My Twitter Sabbatical For Game 1 Of The NBA Finals”

  1. Yessir, sometime a sabbatical from everyone is needed. I definitely love watching a big game with my boys or my pops, but I also really enjoy watching a game all by my lonesome with no other contact of any kind. Hell, I used to turn off my phone or leave it up in my room during playoff games just a few short years ago.

    I definitely relate.

  2. I was looking for u to offer congrats on the dub. Obviously my LeBron stanhood requires that I root against you these next several days but I can appreciate your struggle as the only OKC fan I actually know. And if OKC gets 3 more Ws I'll be the first to extend a congratulatory dap b/c you're a true fan unlike 95% of the country right now.

    Tinsley - I've felt compelled to take whatever comes from this publicly also. I understand that at the end of this road lies either shame/disappointment/seclusion or gloating of the most flagrant variety in response to the LBJ naysayers.

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