Starting Lineups: Miami Finishes Off Indiana, Who Will They Face Next?

Well, that was fun.

A few elbows here, a few slaps on the mouth there, and the resurgent duo of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade later, the Miami Heat rolled off three straight wins to finish off the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Give Miami a ton of credit; many thought when Indy had them down two games to one that the Heat would fold like lawn chairs at a cookout.

So now we're at a crossroads. Everyone believes that Boston's destiny is to get past the Philadelphia 76ers, but Philly just keeps winning. What once seemed a certainty now is just a big conundrum. Could Philly...possibly...make it to the Eastern Conference Finals?

We're less than 12 hours away. Let us know who wins Game 7 while you peruse your pertinent reading material before Memorial Day weekend.

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2 Replies to “Starting Lineups: Miami Finishes Off Indiana, Who Will They Face Next?”

  1. I was telling Kenny this yesterday: I didn't the Sixers would win game 4. I didn't think they'd win game 6. I don't think they'll win game 7. But damn, these guys just keep making teams play their ugly game and always seem to have a shot.

    Do I think the Sixers will win tomorrow? No. In fact, I kind of expect Boston to put it in another gear, led by Rondo and Pierce, to sort of put the Sixers in their place. But can they win tomorrow? I think they've already shown they can. I'm pretty damn excited to watch.

    Also, is this underwear bunch-up thing really a big problem for people? I've seemed to manage for 28 years figuring it out. Ha.

    1. For one game, yes it seems that Boston should be the obvious choice. Yet, this is game 7, and those old legs are becoming predictable along with the fatigue that has set in. Philly's getting smarter and are tactically figuring Boston out. Its scary man, I wouldn't put it past the Sixers to win tonight. Not one bit.

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