Starting Lineups: Do You Agree With Where Your Team Is Ranked In The BCS?

jameis winston fsu vs clemson

This past Saturday saw many of college football's best fall by the wayside as team after team after team began losing in the top 10. With those that fell from the top, there is now a new power structure atop the newly released BCS Standings and it's probably time that we clean off our glasses and re-examine what we're currently looking at. Here are a few observations:

  • If you wanted to make the case that after Saturday night, that Florida State should be ranked #1 in the country after they lambasted Clemson 51-14 in Death Valley...I might not agree, but I'd be willing to at least hear the argument.
  • Jameis Winston has definitely brought the swag back to Florida State. What up to Cam Newton.
  • If JAG is reading this, I want to issue a formal apology...if Ohio State runs the table and goes undefeated, I have a feeling they're going to be excluded from the big dance. I lied to you, I'm sorry.
  • Good that the Missouri Tigers sitting there at #5? That's just plain unbelievable.
  • Just a prediction....there will be five undefeated teams at the end of the regular season. Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State and Baylor. If that happened, even Condi and a 4-team playoff system couldn't save us from anarchy.
  • The ACC has as many teams in the top 15 (4) as the SEC. Interesting.
  • Northern Illinois is 7-0 and they're 18th in the country. Can we get those boys on a Thursday night game please?
  • Notre Dame isn't ranked. God bless America.

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6 Replies to “Starting Lineups: Do You Agree With Where Your Team Is Ranked In The BCS?”

  1. I see Florida state and Baylor taking L's before the season is up, and not necessarily to teams that we expect. Idk, At least 2 of those undefeated's will go down at some point.

    1. It's possible. FSU has a penchant of losing to teams that aren't worth a damn (like NC State coming up this week) and Baylor's got a 5-week stretch after this cakewalk game vs. Kansas where they face:

      Texas Tech
      Oklahoma State



      1. There's still a great deal of football left. Everyone thought Loouisville would run the table too. In '07 Ohio State lost late in Nov and dropped from 1-7. Before it was all over, everyone else lost and we were #1 again and played LSU for the title. The result of that game is not pertinent to this discussion. My point is that everyone has at least five games left and it's rare for three major college teams to run the table.

  2. I read a pretty convincing argument why we should be ranked #1. The computers, also, have us ranked at #1, Bama at 2 and Oregon at 4. Past FSU teams have lost games to teams they shouldn't have lost to.

    Those teams weren't led by Jameis Winston. I don't see us running the table just yet, but I do see us ending the season with only one loss. If that loss is coming anywhere, it's either going to be UF (away game) or ACCCG (rematch to Miami or Va Tech)

    As it stands, I'm fine with #2 right now.

    1. As long as that FSU defense continues to play like it is, they aren't losing. Nobody can hold that offense under 25 points so if the defense does what it's supposed to do, then they should be playing in the BCS championship in January.

  3. I'm all for Mizzou being ranked where they are now. They've owned the East side of the SEC, beaten everybody that has come before them convincingly and have done all that could be required of a Top 5 club.

    While we talk a lot about teams being not ranked in the right places or getting "computer love" in the BCS formula, this is actually an adjustment that gives proper due. Because if they had started the season ranked higher, like all of the other teams in the mix here, there would be no shock about where they are now.

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