Motivation Music: Stalley’s Savage Journey to the American Dream Project

Sometimes, you just need some music that you can turn on before you go to work, before you hit the weights, or before you prepare to entertain your significant other that will help you set the mood accordingly. No, I’m not talking about romantically; more so, something that will help you focus and stay at attention while you do your dastardly deeds.

As it goes with Stalley, the former hooper and Ohio native, the man’s music will serve as my soundtrack to a sound recovery from this broken leg that’s on the mend. From physical therapy and rehab, to eating right (God, help me) and getting back to my day-to-day activities, his new project “Savage Journey to the American Dream” has an awesome blend of head-nodding anthems along with cuts that make you want to roll the windows down and ride slow.

Download the Stalley’s new project, “Savage Journey to the American Dream” via Live Mixtapes.

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