Listen To This: Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z- The Devil Is A Lie


Social media is great.

I was in the middle of working in my usual spreadsheets and sipping on coffee on a typical Thursday morning when I saw this tweet scroll down my timeline on Tweetdeck:

It was by far one of the more absurd things I’ve read in a long time. I sat here and almost spit my coffee out while simultaneously laughing my ass off. I was in mid-tweet when I got hit up by Tinsley and was directed to listen to a new song that had just released by Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

So I clicked it.

(music begins playing…)

(the beat drops…)

(head explodes…)

Any concerns I had in regards to debating whether or not to debate that simpleton in regards to The King quickly vanished. I mean, yes, there is no way in the world LeBron isn’t in the top 30 all-time in the ranking of the greatest players in NBA history. However, there also isn’t any way that I won’t be listening to this song as least 30 more times today. Whoever made that beat just made themselves millions. It completely altered my day.  Give it a spin and see if it doesn’t do the same for you. (Pssst, you didn’t get this from us, but here’s the download link too.)

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5 Replies to “Listen To This: Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z- The Devil Is A Lie”

  1. I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but that might be the single stupidest thing anyone has every utter about sports in the history of mankind. Pretty sure that cat has never once watched LeBron James play a game of basketball … and if he did, he is probably blind.

  2. That was all right, I guess. More creative than most of today’s hip hop songs. My kids are loving this, much to my dismay. They need to be exposed to artists who can do more than string rhymes around NI and MF. “Rock Box”, “Five Minutes of Funk”, “The Message”, “How Ya Like Me Now” represent a standard that seems out of reach for today’s artists.

  3. The Devil is a lie indeed with this one. I can’t believe any the biggest hater in the world would still be unwilling to accept greatness. In any sport its just some athletes who you have to respect and give proper credit to smh.

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