DJ Wally Sparks vs. Ed The Sports Fan (The South Vs. West Coast Episode)

On this edition of The Versus Podcast, the fellas talk to the musical aficionado, Tennessee native and Atlanta resident DJ Wally Sparks, as the NBA playoffs draw near for his Grizzlies and the native #HawksBros. How do Golden State Warriors fans feel about possibly playing against Memphis and Atlanta in the playoffs? Fortunately, our good friend Fortune Solomon is in the studio to share his, er….wisdom.

  • 0:00 – The Intro – March Madness is officially over, and Bonta is sad about losing all his money on Wisconsin.
  • 39:00 – The Interview – DJ Wally Sparks

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2 Replies to “DJ Wally Sparks vs. Ed The Sports Fan (The South Vs. West Coast Episode)”

  1. Yes, Space Age Pimpin’…you know a podcast episode is destined to be great when it starts out with 8Ball and MJG.

  2. DJ Wally almost got the sideeye from me but fortunately he got that North Memphis shoutout in towards the end of the list of hoods he was naming. Also, why so cryptic about the school he attended “35 miles away from Memphis”. Now I gotta spend the rest of my day trying to guess where he went. Poor me…

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