Derrick Rose's Torn ACL Messes It Up For Everyone Else In The Playoffs

I don't feel at my best unless I have the fresh cut.

Doesn't matter if it's a big corporate meeting or taking a woman out on a date; if my ears have not been sufficiently lowered, then I'm self-conscious about it. I might not show it, but I am.

When the Chicago Bulls were closing the show against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday afternoon, Derrick Rose was playing at his usual MVP-level. He was closing in on a triple-double, with the Bulls in cruise control and Rose out there knocking off the rust on his game that had been on the shelf due to a groin injury.

Then, it happened.

You don't need me to give you the color commentary, even if you were watching the NFL draft Adam Schefter alerted you to what happened: Derrick Rose blew his knee to smithereens. Rose's ACL was gone. I've played and watched sports long enough  to know when it happens and, instantly, everything changed.

Now, the Chicago Bulls will virtually have no chance at winning the NBA title this season.

Now, the Boston Celtics will have every chance in the world to get to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now, the Miami Heat will have every chance in the world to get to the NBA Finals.

Now, the Oklahoma City Thunder will have every chance in the world to win the world championship.

Ed's Note: Yes, I know these are all hypotheticals. Consider this my form of wishful thinking. Thunder Up.

The problem is that, subconsciously, those teams will know that they could've faced the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose, and the outcome could be decidedly different. Rose and the Bulls are that good.

This won't make the banner any less pretty, won't make the trophy any less shiny, and it won't make the ring any less blingy.

You just wish the Chicago Bulls had that fresh cut for the playoffs.

5 Replies to “Derrick Rose's Torn ACL Messes It Up For Everyone Else In The Playoffs”

  1. Ed - So, that's it? You're giving Chicago as much chance of winning the East as the Bobcats have right now. In the history of the NBA, teams overcoming injuries have made for some of the most compelling, dramatic stories.

    Who can forget Clyde Frazier's performance on May 8th, 1970 when Willis Reed could barely play and all seemed lost?

    Magic "made his bones" in the NBA when he replaced an injured Abdul-Jabbar and led the Lakers to the 1980 title.

    Isiah turned in an astonishing 25 point quarter, not game, quarter, and nearly upended the Lakers in 88.

    The Bulls have played well without Rose and they've been without him for a bunch of games anyway.

    Noah hasn't played to his potential, neither has Boozer. Time for them to stop watching Rose and step it up.

    You know how we feel about excuses, brother. Chicago needs to fight on and make it happen.

    1. I'm with you 100% Bro. Glenn, except for the fact that I just don't believe it and/or see it happening. Its like having an uncooked filet mignon fall on the ground, throwing it away, then trying to make a steak with hot dog meat.

      Well see, I do think they can get by Boston, but


    2. Yeah, they are not that kind of team. Not without their hero. They are gonna miss the 20+ buckets he puts up per game. Either every other member of the starting five increases their output by more than 5 pts a game, or one of their bench players becomes an amazing athlete overnight. It's a shame, because the East is already the softer conference, so it will never feel like Miami *earned* it. Dah, well...

      BTW Ed, you know if by some miracle/twist of fate my Clips end up playing your Thunder we can't be friends for two weeks.

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