Chopping It Up with ESPN’s Jemele Hill

Sometimes when I’ve been drinking too much the night before I’m under the weather and can’t make it in to the office, I get a chance to watch America’s favorite sports television debate show, “First Take.” On the show, we get to see one of our favorite prognosticators, Skip Bayless, go into verbal battle with a variety of other personalities from all across the Worldwide Leader’s platform.

While Skip is a regular on the show, one of his regular combatants is Jemele Hill. In a recent discussion with Hill, I had a chance to chop it up with her on all things “First Take,” from how much Skip is actually an understated and mild-mannered guy to if LeBron James could actually be debating Skip in the future.

In the beginning, we’ll talk about the recent issues at FAMU and the band, with hazing issues abound and major accusations in the air. What’s the future of the band, and what’s at stake for everyone involved?

Then we’ll chat about the ongoing conundrum between players getting paid in NFL and what they should do. Was Chris Johnson right all along? What about Desean Jackson and Matt Forte?

Finally, we’ll discuss the road Hill has taken to get to her place in the sports media landscape. Are there bigger and better things upcoming?

Listen. Share. Discuss.

The Sportsfan Journal’s Interview with ESPN’s Jemele Hill

4 Replies to “Chopping It Up with ESPN’s Jemele Hill”

  1. Great listen, and its a damn shame what’s going on with FAMU’s band. They must be held accountable, folks can’t be out here dying. Unnecessary.

  2. i’ve been an espn’er for a while (not so much of late), and have always wondered how she handles the extreme sexism/racist rants from people/commenters. she seems to have a very thick skin and i’ve always applauded her for sticking true to her style and opinions.

    great interview!

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