All Hail Barack Obama: The Two-Time, Two-Time Defending President Of The United States Of America

All the great ones try and find a way to get better, even after they've achieved their ultimate prize.

Michael Jordan added three-point range to his vast offensive arsenal after winning his first title. Kobe Bryant added a lethal post-game after winning another title. Randy Johnson learned an off-speed pitch to counter his heat after winning the Cy Young. Aaron Rodgers began to become a better scramble quarterback after winning a Super Bowl.

Time shows us that the truly elite individuals aren't satisfied in resting on their greatness once they've reached their perceived highest plateau. Even for our own Brother President, in listening to his acceptance speech it's clear that he's got more work to do, and he's reaching for a greater America, period.

The Sports Fan Journal isn't a politics site, but we are a site for the people. As people, we can take this 2012 election as a sign that regardless of our differences, we can come together and still be great. Even when we're great, we've still got work to do to be even better.

Congratulations to Barack Obama on his second term as President of the United, and congratulations to Mitt Romney for running a spirited campaign and pushing our country to be better. God bless the United States of America. It's time to get back to work.

2 Replies to “All Hail Barack Obama: The Two-Time, Two-Time Defending President Of The United States Of America”

  1. Back-to-back, Jack.

    Now let's get some real bipartisanship going on and fix this damn country.

    (Yes, I know by saying that I'm probably better off asking water to stop being wet)

  2. Be prepared for blacks, hispanics and asians to get 'the free stuff.' They will feel more entitled than they already do. It is not racist, its the new norm. While I work for next to nothing, struggling, I am paying for these people to live a more than comfortable life.

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