Dez Bryant Is Officially My Favorite Dallas Cowboy Of All-Time

July 18, 2008. That was the date that started it all, and while one can see the title of this post and wonder what that has to do with anything, allow me to explain.

On that date, The Dark Knight was released in theaters nationwide, and I was anticipating this movie for two reasons. One, Batman is my favorite superhero of all-time, and two, The Joker is my favorite villain of all-time. I love The Joker, but I had severe reservations about the role coming back to life, and that’s because the last time I saw someone play The Joker, it was Jack Nicholson in the 1989 version of Batman. For 19 years, I didn’t think there was a person alive who could touch his role, and it’s safe to say plenty others felt similar.

But then, this happened …

It took one scene and one line from Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker, and I was spooked. Spooked because one, the dude was chilling, two, because he made me believe he was The Joker, and three, because I knew that my vow that no one could touch Jack’s version of The Joker was in serious jeopardy. Well, after leaving the movie theater, I was thoroughly impressed, but not quite ready to change my mind.

Then I went to the theater and watched it again … the very next day.

After that, I went again … the very same week. I watched The Dark Knight three times in a seven-day span, at three different movie theaters and paid ridiculous ticket prices every damn time in doing so. After that, I was done masquerading. Jack Nicholson has done great things and he is one of my favorite actors of all-time, but his role as The Joker was now second-best. Heath Ledger did that, and it is something I have no qualms admitting.

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  1. While I can say that I like what Dez brings to the table Tony Dorsett is still my favorite Cowboy of all time. Dez doesn’t even crack my top 10. But I can appreciate why you love him so. His future is bright if he can ever get it together off the field the sky is the limit.

  2. Mr. Masenda, while I appreciate that Nicholson/Ledger Joker analogy to no end, I am truly stunned by this revelation. I saw you tweet it on Sunday night. I knew you were serious. But I still find it stunning.

    Not because, necessarily, that Dez is only in his third year. Shit, Lynn Greer became my favorite Temple basketball player of all time in his sophomore season, but mainly because of the mistakes and miscues Bryant has gone through in the learning process.

    Then again, like you said, he works his ass off and is a flat out talent, so I see your point.

    Still a little stunning. Also, I hate The Playmaker. Bobby Taylor says what up, Michael?

    1. If there’s one person I knew would understand the magnitude of such a sudden proclamation, it’s you. I still remember you proclaiming Cliff Lee as your favorite Phillie of all-time during his first stint. As much of a historian of your team as you are, the fact that you gave him that distinction wasn’t lost on me one bit.

  3. First of all, doesn’t Skyline High produce the greatest Texas athletes? Haha

    There’s always more of a bond when you follow and athlete from high school to the pros, like Cincy folks my age did with Dave Justice and Griffey Jr.

    No need to choose between Nicholson and Ledger. Jack’s Joker was campy and comedic, while Heath went totally hardcore. Both stand up well on their own.

    You left out one part of the analogy. Both Dez and Heath dealt with trouble off the field/ screen. We’ve been robbed of enjoying Heath’s future great roles. I sincerely hope that Dez leaves his past behind and has a long, fruitful career. Great post.

  4. I’m just glad Kenny didn’t say Dez was the best Cowboy ever, just that Dez is his favorite.

    I respect and thoroughly enjoy Kenny’s sports thoughts and articles, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point this out:

    Is Kenny maybe a little emotionally tied in to Dez since he’s followed him since high school? You know there’s a reason cops aren’t allowed to investigate cases that they have an emotional tie in to. lol…just sayin’…

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